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by Amanda Hearn

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Earlier this month I set off to the ABC Kids Expo held in Louisville! As a blogger and lover of digital media + design, I spend so much of my time working to build relationships online. Visiting expos like ABC Kids gives me a chance to really bring those relationships full circle and get to know the faces and stories behind the brands  – and meet new ones to share with you!

This year there are so many moments and companies that stand out. I am going to touch on a few here and there will be more through Facebook and Twitter, I’m sure of it! So be sure to keep an eye out there as well.

So let’s start with a familiar face – Thirsties! You may have noticed their adorable ad on the sidebar —> and I am certain that you’ve seen me gush over their covers more times than I can count. This is a great company and they were one of the first that I ever had a chance to meet in person. Each time I am so impressed by the products, but more importantly the obvious care and love behind it all. Did you know that even their tiniest fabric scraps are repurposed into rags or used in the production of insulation? How cool is that?! They also have something pretty special coming up  – it’s not a product, but I promise that it’ll totally make you swoon and fall in love with them all over again.  it’s not quite ready but when it is I will be sharing, so keep an eye out on my Facebook page!

Another favorite was Onya Baby carriers, who happens to be running a super event right now from their Facebook page. Their adorable koalas need names and you can help with the chance to win one of their fab soft-structure carriers! So hurry over, give them a like and submit your name suggesstions!

While I spent time meeting with familiar faces I also spent a whole lot of time scoping out new products too. A few main things I noticed were trends in carseat safety (more specifically adding latch options to booster seats to keep them from sliding around independently during driving!), baby carriers (so many new styles and designs!), feeding items and products tailored towards children with autism. Check out the photos below for a few of the great items I had the chance to explore!

This is the all-new “mesh” feeder from Boon – “Pulp” is a silicone spin on this idea and they are not “meshing” around! Moms always raved about their mesh feeders but I just couldn’t get past the mushy mess to really give them a shot, but this teething feeder has the right idea – and looks like a breeze to clean! This will be available early 2013.

Kick disposable & expensive food pouches to the curb with the Sili Squeeze – an easy to clean silicone food pouch that is great for all ages. This is great for little ones just starting on homemade baby foods and big kids who love to take yogurt, smoothies, apple sauce etc. to school!

Speaking of lunches, another favorite of mine are these colorful glass lunch containers from Wean Green. I saw one of these get dropped onto a thinly covered concrete floor and then hit a metal chair without so much as a scratch! These things are mad sturdy, come in a variety of sizes and are easily arranged in any lunch bag.

Switching gears now, the LEAF from nuna is a intuitive take on the “bouncy seat” or swing. This motion driven seat is comfy cozy (I sat in one a big one!) and requires no batteries. This seat is ideal for the Earth conscious parent – or just a stylish one!

I am also totally in love with this new ERGObaby carrier ::NEED!::
This super awesome take on the xylophone from P’kolino
A super sweet Build-A-Robot from Plan Toys that was made for children with Autism
And finally these awesome new fitteds (with adorable prints!) from GroVia‘s KiwiPie! Complete with wool covers & wool care!

Want to see more? Be sure to follow me on Facebook & Twitter for more looks at my trip as I begin to share some of my favorite finds!

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