Amanda Hearn

Plants are a great way to spruce up your home, and plants from produce add function too! All you need to get started are groceries, planters (get creative by upcycling containers), soil (or a bit of quality compost), and a patience. Herbs Rooted herbs are hardy and often available in organic versions at the grocery […]

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Whether you live in an area prone to drought or not, conserving water is a worthwhile endeavor for your wallet and the environment. Water treatment requires a lot of resources and at a great cost to the planet we live on. These easy tips can help you reduce the amount of water you consume without […]

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Growing up, I recall eating home canned foods — real food that my grandmother grew and that my mother helped harvest. Food that came from the ground I played in, the fields I ran in, and the land that I may have found a few unfortunate-for-them pets in. When I became an adult, with my […]


Going green does not have to be pricey. In fact, it should help you save money overall. Here are a few items to help you get started with a healthier home and more wiggle room in your monthly budget. LED Light Bulbs The average house has 45 light sockets, ranging from fixtures to lamps. Replacing […]