I’m going to be honest here. Cleaning is not my favorite thing. Not by even the longest of shots. You would think that picking up a device that would clean FOR ME would be a no-brainer, but when robotic vacuums first came around I couldn’t imagine how they could work all that well. I mean, […]


As you may know, we moved into a new home last year and while there are many things I love, the thermostat is not one. I could not figure out how to properly use or set it, causing a lot of discomfort (and grumpiness on warmer days.) So when I was given the opportunity to […]


There comes a point in life for most of us where we’re grown up enough to realize that we like vegetables and for the most part will eat and can enjoy any of them.  The problem, we rarely go out of our comfort zones.  We get in a sort of veggie eating rut.  We head […]


Who doesn’t like a fresh cup of coffee or hot tea? Gone are the days of giant pots of coffee sitting around warming for hours and then being dumped when someone finally realizes that it’s been sitting there for far too long. But what is a coffee-lover to do when they want to keep sustainability […]