At the time of this writing my girls are sitting laughing and giggling at the menu screen of The Lorax DVD. Yes, I said the menu screen. They have been doing this for a good ten minutes – just giggling and making sound effects at the silly antics of the movie’s characters. Who knew that […]


Shower curtains – at least he waterproof types – aren’t generally considered all that “green”, they are some sort of plastic after all and they smell awful and are usually some icky drab color like tan, white or murky clear-ish. They certainly aren’t blog post worthy – unless of course you found a body in […]


I am a flip flop kind of girl, you know the ones who wear them everywhere unless there’s snow on the ground… in Ohio. Yea, that’s me.  Since I love my flip flops, I’m sort of choosey. I want comfort, quality, durability, style, affordability and sustainability – which brings me back around to quality & durability. When […]


Q: What’s cuter than cloth diapers? A: Thirsties diapers in NEW, adorably sophisticated argyle prints, that’s what! You all know that I just love Thirsties products, and I know that many of you do too. Thirsties covers were among the first cloth diapering items I bought almost four years ago. I even have a medium […]