Cloth Diaper Storage for Toddlers

Toddler Diaper Storage

Toddlers that are learning to use the potty require their own set of cloth diapering tricks. One of my favorites is how we store our diapers… in the bathroom!  For us, it’s the most convenient option so that we are prepared in the event of an accident, and oh boy do they happen!

This tip requires a vanity that has drawers, or the space to place a small drawer unit, like those you might buy for an office or craft area for organizing.

The idea is simple.  Toddlers are trying to use the potty, but they don’t always make it. Sometimes you need a fresh diaper, sometimes you want a pair of underpants, and there are times when you still need cloth wipes unexpectedly in the bathroom. Unfortunately, toilet paper doesn’t always cut it when it comes to toddlers – or accidents.

Toddler Diaper Storage

Here’s my set up, it’s super simple and works great for us.

  • Top drawer – Wipes (Top spot makes them easy to grab and wet as needed.)
  • Middle drawer – Underpants (They seem so much more important being closer to the top, right?! Well, it’s worth a shot anyhow.  If you haven’t hit the potty phase yet – be sure to stock up on underpants!)
  • Bottom drawer – Diapers!

That’s it!  If you would like to find some other storage ideas, check out this post on cloth diaper storage for some ideas outside of the bathroom.

Do you have a toddler learning to use the potty? What changes have you noticed in your routine?

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  • Too bad we don’t have that much storage in our bathroom. I always have them placed in white bins that I bought from Dollar General. It sure is a perfect set up!

  • Great tip! We are not quite started on potty training, but hope to start this summer. I may go ahead and switch over to this method now because our vanity drawers are under utilized as it is. Right now they have a scattering of hair things, but it seems much more efficient to do diapers in there and find one small container for hair accessories for my older girls. Thanks!

  • I might also add that if you’re ready for potty-training and are looking for some great cloth convertible trainers, we LOVE Super Skivvies! Find them on Etsy! Such a cool product. 🙂

  • This makes so much sense! Once we return from our summer road trip we will begin teaching our sixth child to use the toilet – and I have to admit I never thought of anything like this! Um, duh!

  • I just took down the changing table yesterday, and was wondering where to put the diaps. I’m in such a pickle though because I’ve been tempted to go for disposable pull-ups because now we use so few diapers (naps and nights) and when DD wakes up I want her to be able to go on her own.

    I never thought of stocking the bathroom, that a great idea. (that I will be implementing)

  • 🙂 Sounds like a great set up! I wish I could even begin to be that organized. My scenario would be a very independent toddler going potty while demanding new panties bc they need to be prettier. The puppy is running off with the tp while the one yr. old is trying to push the older sis off the potty for fun and the baby is screaming. I did make a very green paper towel skirt in a public restroom recently after a training accident. Lol

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