Giving Diapers, Giving Hope: A Call to Action!

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GDGHDisposable diaper costs are on the rise, and modern cloth diaper designs and fabrics offer solutions that are functional, fashionable and much more affordable. The truth is that 30% of families struggle to afford enough clean diapers for their little ones, and despite the saving advantages of cloth, the start-up costs can make even cloth diapers out of reach for many struggling families.

The rebirth of cloth diapering has users and advocates growing in numbers every day, word of mouth is huge – and key to cloth diapers. Parents are seeking says save, and unlike disposables – cloth diapers are a one-time investment. The investment can be as little as $100 for the most basic combination of flats or prefolds and modern covers, or several hundred for a set of very modern one piece systems like pockets or all-in-ones.

While the savings of cloth over disposables can add up well into the thousands, families who are struggling to buy any diapers at all are much more likely to be able to scrape together the money to buy a package of disposable diapers , than to be able to pull together the money for a $200 one-time investment in a stash of cloth diapers. This investment is something that these families simply cannot afford – nor can they afford not to.

This is where Giving Diapers, Giving Hope comes in. They are a national cloth diaper lending organization that can bridge the gap for families who desperately need to use cloth diapers for the money savings, but can’t afford the start-up investment. Qualified families (see their requirements) can apply for a set made up of 16 diapers if they have one child in diapers, more if they have two or more. If approved they need only pay a $35 fee to cover shipping to and from, since families need to return the diapers after they no longer need them.

Giving Diapers, Giving Hope was started in 2010 by Kristen McCarthy, a teacher by trade who had lost her job to cut backs. She was a single mother to two young girls, both in diapers. Thankfully, Kristen already had a full stash of cloth diapers when her financial hardships began.

“Thank goodness I cloth diaper because if I didn’t I wouldn’t even know how I could buy my children diapers!” she thought. After enduring continuing struggles, moving back to her home state to be near family, and still not finding a job, she decided to start an organization to help families with similar harships. It was local at first, but when more out of town applicants needed help than local ones she and Emily Glover, who signed on to help, decided to open up nationally. Kristen and Emily, along with the Cape Ann YMCA Leader’s Club, run the entire organization from Gloucester, MA.

The organization has seen rapid growth and an increase in applications. To date they’ve shipped over 3,600 diapers to over 200 families. They took a few months off during the summer to re-group and Emily welcomed a new baby in July! During this break they tried to find a better website to meet their needs and create a more efficient application process for clients and staff alike. What they soon found out, was that there was nothing ready-built that would meet their needs. In order to streamline the process from applying to shipping, a custom website and application must be created. They have everything lined up – but they need our help!

Giving Diapers, Giving Hope is looking for sponsors to help fund their new website, enabling them to help many more families. Sponsors will be helping an amazing cause, and will also have their logo on a dedicated page of the GDGH website. Individuals are also encouraged to donate if they can, just $5.00 from you can add up quickly to help reach their goal and make this new system a reality.

To become a sponsor, or to make a small individual donation of $5.00, please fill out this form

With your help, Giving Diapers, Giving Hope can reach even more families, giving the parents peace of mind and the babies a healthier bottom.

Thank you!

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Amanda Hearn
Kathy September 12, 2013 at 1:24 am

What a great idea! Helping families and the earth all at once!

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