Going Retro to Get Fit

by Amanda Hearn

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Over the past couple of months I have been working to get active, get fit and drop some pounds. When my car began acting up and a freak storm left us without electricity I didn’t have a way to make it to the track and the heat was insane.

While we were without power there were still chores to do, and while I could have put them off with the excuse of no power I decided that I wouldn’t give myself that out.  I would use the opportunity to improve myself and hopefully have a greater appreciation for the things I am blessed with in this life.  In no particular order, here are some of the things that I did to work my muscles while improving my home life during the outage – plus a few other ideas!


  • If you read my post “10 Things to Do BEFORE a Power Outage” you know that I was left with a boat load of laundry that needed done – and my only option was by hand. While I didn’t get to everything, I did have to do a few loads to get us through.The action of washing the laundry was a great workout for my arms and even my thighs (I did one large load in the bathtub, so I was crouching). Also, the action of hanging everything to dry on the line was a lot of up and down, to and from the basket. Another great addition to my “workout”.

    While hand washing isn’t feasible for the most part, line drying is something that more of us can do, plus it saves electricity too!


  • While this was certainly the least exciting, you would be shocked by how many dishes a family of five can create – even when trying to conserve. When you make meals and eat meals at home for 5 people – 3 meals a day – plus snacks you are looking at some serious dishes.  So many in fact that I used our dishwasher for a drying rack – plus one on the counter! Standing to work, mixed with a bit of movement from washing had me feeling ready for a drink when I was done.


  • Washing windows, floors, cabinets, walls (only paints that allow for it!) and other surfaces can give your body a real stretch and workout muscles you didn’t know you could reach.

Car Wash!

  • If you have a hose, there is no reason to waste your money at the car wash, plus you have no idea what sort of awful chemicals they are using. Save yourself the cash, skip the toxins, burn some calories and soak up a little extra vitamin D by DIYing this one.

Yard Work

  • This is a fairly obvious one, but things like push mowing, weeding, gardening and raking can burn some serious calories. Be sure to stay hydrated and if you’re going to be out for long wear a nice shade hat or pick up some safe sunscreen to prevent excess sun exposure.


  • Okay, so this one isn’t really house work, but it can be a super fun part of parenting. My kids love to dance crazy and this is a great opportunity for us all to move around, smile and laugh.  What could be better?

To be honest, I’m not all that domestic so these things don’t appeal to me much at face value, but since trying to become more active I have found that I really need to take opportunities to ‘move’ when I can.  A two hour trip to the track is not always easy to fit into my plans, nor is an hour on the elliptical easy to do with kids under you. Cleaning, in addition to diet and exercise has helped me drop more than 10 pounds and am feeling great!

You can join me on my fitness journey at MyFitnessPal.com and at the Go Green, Get Fit Challenge – be on the lookout for some fun giveaways put on by the challenge!

I’m always looking for ways to change up my workouts to keep me engaged. What are your favorite ways to get your body moving?


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Amanda Hearn

Amanda Hearn

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Amanda Hearn

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