How To Eat An Avocado

When I first started buying avocados, the process to cut them up was a total mystery.  I spent time on various websites and YouTube videos learning how to cut them up properly, but as with many things, I’ve landed on my own, favorite way.  This way allows me to get the exact sizes I’m looking for, with none of the waste.  I hope you like it too!


Do you love avocados?  What are you favorite ways to eat them?

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  • I'm Hispanic so avocados are to us what apples are to Americans. They grow in the wild in my home country, most have avocado trees in their yards, we've had a love affair with them since the dawn of time. We eat them with all three meals; for breakfast with some black beans and fried ripe! I find odd that people need a "how to" video but I guess not many are familiar with avocados, they are missing out! 🙂

  • Yeah, I totally do the spoon method and end up wasting some good avocado. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Very innovative! I will use that method the next time. Thanks for sharing this little thing that will make that process much nicer.

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