Cloth Pads (Free Digital Patterns!)

Yesterday I was talking to a friend that was looking for a good cloth pad pattern.  I offered to help, and because I am frugal – I wanted free.  I was browsing the internet for free patterns to make cloth menstrual pads, and while there are some great patterns out there I wasn’t finding quite what I was looking for.  I decided to grab ideas from a few patterns and product that I saw to make my friend a pattern more like what I was looking for.

I woke up yesterday with a headache, so I was just begging for some distraction.  I ended up sewing seventeen pads and making two new patterns.  I thought perhaps some of you might be interested in using it as well, so I’ve uploaded them in PDF form for easy printing.  The patterns include seam allowance, just cut and sew!  I added extra stitching on the pads to keep the fabric from bunching.  Not sure if this is needed, but I also liked the way it looks.

I used flannel for the tops and fleece for the backings because it’s what I had on hand.  You can use PUL or wool backing if you prefer and higher end fabrics like bamboo or hemp for the tops.  If you need a thicker pad, use more layers.  If you just want liners, use less.

If you’d like some menstrual themed fabrics (and more), be sure to check out my Spoonflower shop! I recommend Performance Piqué if you’re interested in  a stay-dry, moisture wicking material, Cotton Jersey for a natural fiber, or Minky for  fluffy softness.

I used a snap press to apply the snaps. They are pricey, but can be found in smaller handheld versions for less. If you don’t want plastic snaps, you could always use the metal ones.

(Click to view in browser or right click + save as to download the file directly to your computer.)

Click Here to Download the Regular Day Pad / Liner Pattern (free!)

View this file in Google Docs

Click Here to Download the Heavy/Nighttime Pad Pattern (free!)

View this file in Google Docs

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including Postpartum Pattern! for just $5


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