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Secure Your Home in Under 30 Minutes: Offering an affordable, contract-free option, Iris's a security system gives users the ability to control their own home safety, simply and tailor-made. There’s nothing quite like peace of mind. For any parent, the concern of keeping our families safe is priority #1. Today’s homeowners can utilize smart home technologies to “communicate” with their houses and ensure the security of its inhabitants. But, while safety is important, the idea of shelling out thousands of dollars on a vast home security system and monthly subscription seems wasteful and intimidating.

This is where Iris by Lowe’s can help. (Special thanks to them for setting me up with this system to review!)

Secure Your Home in Under 30 Minutes: Offering an affordable, contract-free option, Iris's a security system gives users the ability to control their own home safety, simply and tailor-made.Offering an affordable, contract-free option, Iris is a security system that gives users the ability to control their own home safety, simply and tailor-made. Iris utilizes a free monitoring app to access your home’s energy and safety information remotely, allows new sensors to be paired in mere seconds, and no membership is required. Choose from two customizable plans: the free Basic Plan, which creates the perfect foundation for a smart home, or the Premium Plan that delivers a truly “smart” system to customize products further with only a $9.99 monthly fee, if desired.

There are a number of ways to mix-and-match Iris products for your family’s needs. Iris’s home safety features will put your mind at ease, from their WiFi enabled cameras to light switch controls, motion sensor lighting to smart keypads and, of course, alarms. Homeowners can even access the status of their smoke and carbon monoxide alarms far from home.

What makes all of these features even more appealing is Iris’ help in lessening our environmental impact. The best way to lower your energy and water waste is by taking control of it. So, Iris monitors and lowers energy use allowing you to create settings to moderate your home’s temperature through a programmable thermostat and motion-sensor ceiling fans. Set the optimal times for lighting with high-tech light switches and dimmers or use the app to remotely conserve electricity. Even use the water heater control feature to avoid heating water when it’s not needed.

The best part of the Iris by Lowe’s system is how it can work for almost any unique situation. If you’re a pet owner with animals in need of easy access to a food or potty area, try their pet door option. If you receive packages regularly, ensure safe delivery with a motion sensor light and camera set-up. Or, if you oversee the safety and well-being of an elderly or disabled loved one (even if they don’t live closely), the Iris care service, wearable red security alarm button, and any number of safety products allow for safe independent living.

When my Iris package arrived I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I knew the pieces, of course, but I was unsure of how simple the installation process would be. I really impressed by how simple pairing the sensors and devices were. Each took just a few seconds in the Iris by Lowe’s app.

Secure Your Home in Under 30 Minutes: Offering an affordable, contract-free option, Iris's a security system gives users the ability to control their own home safety, simply and tailor-made.The installation of the hub, keypad, and other devices was a breeze as well. Each device comes with the option of installation (to a wall, window, etc.) using perfectly sized adhesive strips or screws. I personally prefer using screws. We’re in the middle of a home renovation, so I knew that the sensors will be moved in the next six months or so. The screw installation option consists of a small hanger that the sensor or device can snap or slide into (depending on the device), which allows for secure attachment but easy access to replace batteries when the time comes.

Once installed, and set up in the app, the Iris system is ready to go. You will receive an alert on your phone through the app, depending on your settings. In addition, you can also view a history log, which I find really interesting (and quite useful once we have teenagers in the house!)

I would love to see the app utilize a fingerprint login on iOS (since my email is quite lengthy and logging into any service on my phone is cumbersome), but overall the system is simple to use and I love that I’m not locked into a contract.

Whatever your needs – security for your family, preserving precious energy and resources, or even just having better control over your personal space – Iris by Lowe’s has a configuration to meet them. Whether it’s a simple deadbolt upgrade or a complete home system overhaul, you should be able to find the device to meet your needs thanks to Iris. Peace of mind was never quite so easy to attain or quite as fun to access!


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Minecraft Invitation { Free Printable } Choose PDF, PSD, or JPGProcrastination is my favorite. I did recently read that it’s great for creativity and my life tells me that must be true. Big deadline? No problem! Put it off until the 11th hour and it’ll get done 😉 Birthday invitations and cake designs are no exception to my master procrastination powers.

This year I threw together this invitation, commissioned by my son, for a sleepover birthday party. He loved if and I hope you and your little (or not so little) one will too!

If you have Photoshop, you are welcome to download the .PSD file. You will need a couple of fonts: Minecrafter & Minecraft (both are free!). Simply install and then open up the file and edit the text.

If you do not have Photoshop, or any PDF or photo editing software you, I would suggest downloading the JPG and editing it for free at Simply upload the image, add your text, save, and print.

Alternatively, you can simply print the JPG onto any paper that you can write on (try a Sharpie for glossy). No editing required!

These invites are 2 per page and formatted to fit on a standard piece of paper (I use a full sheet of photo paper). You could easily print it on smaller paper and scale it to fit.

Choose a file type below and get to editing! I hope you enjoy it.

Minecraft Invite PSD

Minecraft Invite JPG

Minecraft Invite PDF


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STMH Thirsties Win Effblog

“My heart is yours forever, little one.”

Thirsties is welcoming you to show your love with a limited edition print this Valentine’s Day! I love the colors and simplicity of this print. I can already see it peeking out from under ruffles or paired with an adorable a little bow tie 

STMH Fashion Effblog

You can grab this new print in your choice of the following options now at Kelly’s Closet (be sure to act fast, this is limited edition for the holiday and I’ve seen a lot of excitement over this one!), and, of course, enter to win a One Size All In One and a Wet Bag below!

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This year my gifts span a whole range of types and eco-friendliness. As my children grow, I am finding increasingly more difficult to find items that meet their wants and dreams, as well as my sustainable desires. Over the years I’ve learned that my definition of “green” has evolved to include quality items that are made to last, have companies with sustainable initiatives (even if their products are unable to be more sustainable by necessity), serve multiple purposes, and items that nurture and promote activity, imagination, and creativity off-screen.

Below are some of my top picks for holiday gifting this season. I hope you enjoy these unique gifts as much as I’ve enjoyed finding them.

Featured above:

Unique Holiday Gifts They Will Love - There are some really cool ideas here!Pets