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“My heart is yours forever, little one.”

Thirsties is welcoming you to show your love with a limited edition print this Valentine’s Day! I love the colors and simplicity of this print. I can already see it peeking out from under ruffles or paired with an adorable a little bow tie 

STMH Fashion Effblog

You can grab this new print in your choice of the following options now at Kelly’s Closet (be sure to act fast, this is limited edition for the holiday and I’ve seen a lot of excitement over this one!), and, of course, enter to win a One Size All In One and a Wet Bag below!

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This year my gifts span a whole range of types and eco-friendliness. As my children grow, I am finding increasingly more difficult to find items that meet their wants and dreams, as well as my sustainable desires. Over the years I’ve learned that my definition of “green” has evolved to include quality items that are made to last, have companies with sustainable initiatives (even if their products are unable to be more sustainable by necessity), serve multiple purposes, and items that nurture and promote activity, imagination, and creativity off-screen.

Below are some of my top picks for holiday gifting this season. I hope you enjoy these unique gifts as much as I’ve enjoyed finding them.

Featured above:

Unique Holiday Gifts They Will Love - There are some really cool ideas here!Pets





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The Importance of a Quality Pet FoodThis post has been a long time coming, but somehow I never seem to get around to addressing quality pet foods. As with the foods you feed your human family, the foods you feed your furry (or not) friends is important for their overall wellness and best life as well.

You my have noticed that more and more pet foods have popped up as being grain and soy free. The reason that this is so important is that dogs and cats were never meant to consume filler foods at all, let alone soy, corn, and wheat.

When pet foods focus less on quality meat content and nutrient rich ingredients, your pet will need to consume more food to meet their nutritional needs. Other benefits of a grain free diet may depend on your pet. In my own experience, a grain free diet has led to much healthier skin and hair and a healthier weight (even with our lazy cat-dog). This has been true for our pets, and for those of friends and family members. Another benefit is the elimination of possible allergens or hard to digest ingredients for your pet. A pet food that meets your pet’s nutritional needs will help your dog feel better and possibly even live an active life longer.

If you choose to switch to a grain free food, be sure to do so gradually. Your pet needs a chance to adjust the way their body responds and also to the new amount of food that they will be consuming. The volume can be as much as half of what some “popular” mainstream brands suggest because they provide more nutrition with little to no filler. Start by mixing in the new food at about a 25% ratio of new to 75% old, increasing the new ration over the coarse of a week.

Recently we’ve been using “I and love and you”, who generously sent me a trial kit of their products. They make wholesome food and treats for cats and dogs, including kibble, wet, and homemade dehydrated selections! You can opt for a traditional kibble, but we found that our dog really loved the dehydrated (you reconstitute with water). She also really loves their venison dog treats. You can find them locally using their store locator tool or pick them up on Amazon. I found it at my local Kroger stores, which was a pleasant surprise, because I generally expect to have to make a special trip to the pet store for a food of any real substance.

Their ingredients include many things we humans look for in our food: grain-free, real meat as the first ingredient, prebiotics, probiotics, no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors – all to promote optimum health for your pet. And their food is also made in the U.S.A.

The Full Line from ILY

I would love to give you a chance to share ILY with your pet, and they have generously offered me a trial package to give away! The winner will be able to choose a package for a dog or cat. Open to U.S. residents only.

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I can’t even tell you how excited I am about this cloth diaper launch! It’s been a long time coming, and I may have had a little role to play, which makes this all the more fun.

You may have already seen these prints from the buzz at the ABC Kids Expo, but if not here they are in all of their woodsy glory! Meet: Moss, Mountain Range, Woodland, Fallen Leaves, and Aspen Grove

Thirsties Woodland CollectionThe Woodland Collection is available now in Duo Wrap, Newborn All in One, and the One Size All in One — and you can win the collection. Actually, three of you can! This one is so big that I’ve teamed up with Kim from Dirty Diaper Laundry and Maria of Change-Diapers this time!

To enter:

  1. Share a photo of your favorite thing about autumn on Instagram (tag #thirstiesbaby) or in the new Thirsties Facebook group!
    You’ll earn bonus points for incorporating Thirsties and the woodland theme into your photo!
  2. Be sure to enter on the form below as well.

1 Random winner will be pulled from Rafflecopter form below, and 2 Winners will be chosen via vote (from the Thirsties Team & blogger hosts) based on our favorite photo entries!

This giveaway is US & Canada Only, and if you just can’t wait to get your hands on these prints you can buy them now at or your favorite cloth diaper retailer!
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