Child Care Review

Sometimes, no matter what we do, our little ones get diaper rashes, though using cloth diapers is a big help.  In my experience, it is most often food related, and sometimes figuring out the cause was not so simple!  We once had a somewhat persistent irritation that turned out to be all of the apples […]


We have three children.  We’ve had happy teethers and grumpy ones.  With our son, his teeth came in and no one would have been the wiser if you were paying attention just to his behavior.  It wasn’t quite that easy when it came to our older daughter, and certainly not now with our youngest.  G […]


Over the winter I heard a lot about a little gadget used to clean out mucus from babies noses.  At first I thought it was just some sort of bulb attached to a hose.  Then I learned that it was meant to be attached to your mouth.  Yes, you read that right.  Your mouth.  “What?!”, […]


Baby tubs are generally useless in my opinion.  I find that they are often clunky and a pain to use.  I usually find myself using a sink (which isn’t easy either, but at least I didn’t pay extra for it, right?) or I take a bath with my baby. I love taking a bath with […]