As I have mentioned before on my fitness and weight-loss journey, I like to feel full.  I don’t like being hungry and for me that means eating healthier and making conscious food choices – and lots of them! Contrary to what my husband thinks (or use to think), a healthy diet isn’t about eating three […]


Every time we enter a checkout lane we are bombarded by imagery and new stories that scream at us to lose weight. Half of the magazines on the news stands say things like “Dr. Pete’s 10 Weight Loss Secrets!” and “How I lost 82 pounds and kept it off!” … the other half are filled […]


Going Retro to Get Fit

by Amanda Hearn · 0 comments

Over the past couple of months I have been working to get active, get fit and drop some pounds. When my car began acting up and a freak storm left us without electricity I didn’t have a way to make it to the track and the heat was insane. While we were without power there […]


I love coffee. Even when I went off of caffeine a way back when, I still drank decaf because I just love coffee. However, when I started to take a cold hard look at my diet, I realized that added sugars were a problem. I had talked myself into believing that it wasn’t an issue […]