Household Item Review

Who doesn’t like a fresh cup of coffee or hot tea? Gone are the days of giant pots of coffee sitting around warming for hours and then being dumped when someone finally realizes that it’s been sitting there for far too long. But what is a coffee-lover to do when they want to keep sustainability […]


EcoSprout Detergent

by Amanda Hearn · 11 comments

Today I am introducing you to Eco Sprout‘s 100% natural & biodegradable cloth diaper detergent.  It is also is free from dyes, brighteners, enzymes, phosphates and is SLS free. I have to admit that when they contacted me about a review, I was way more than skeptical.  I’ve used a lot of detergents and more times than not […]


Some time ago ChicoBag announced that they were the sole defendant in a lawsuit files by three of the largest plastic shopping bag companies.  They claimed that ChicoBag had “irreparably harmed” their business.  Just a thought, but isn’t that the nature of change?  Things come, and things go… right?! It appears that the companies had […]


I love spring and actually look forward to spring cleaning.  I’m not generally a fan of housework, the work is rarely done and it never lasts BUT I love spring cleaning.  I love opening up all of the windows and doors, wiping down everything and sorting through the winter collections. Last year I was introduced […]