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Pura Stainless Review

by Amanda Hearn · 1 comment

I am a bit addicted to my reusables.  I love reusable bags and bottles and I seem to collect all types of them.  I have some I love, some I hate and some that are just okay.  Today I want to tell you about one of my new loves, Pura Stainless bottles. Pura Stainless features […]

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Some months ago when my vacuum cleaner was giving me less than stellar results I began searching for a green option.  I saw lots of gimmicks claiming to be ‘green’ but nothing I read stood out as truly earth friendly and the brands concerned me.  I have tried several brands in the past and none […]


Goodbye Spills

by Amanda Hearn · 72 comments

That says it all, right?  Not a drop! As a mother to three children, the occasional spill is nothing new to me.  My daughter’s need to shake her water out is.  She loves watching it drip out.  It makes an awful mess and it drives me nuts. Well, NO more thanks to Tommee Tippee‘s Explora […]


From time to time I hear about a product from someone. They tell me how much they love it and I can’t help but want to try it out, see if it’s all true and share it with you, my readers. That’s exactly how I found this product. It’s called Miraclean and it’s from a […]