This recipe is great for clothes and cloth diapers and does not contain borax! I am personally a-okay with borax in my detergent but many readers have asked for another solution and this is it. In addition, it uses Eco Nuts Soap Nuts, not manufactured soaps, making it even more natural, earth & skin friendly. […]


I love my soap nuts, but I love the ease of liquid even more. I like convenience, what can I say?! Soap nuts are a super affordable and non-toxic way to do laundry. If you are concerned about nut allergies, have no fear : these little cleaning wonders are actually a berry, not a nut! […]


Ahh, Sapindus Mukorossi… or soap nuts… or soap berries… Wait! Which is it? In America we like to call these super soap packed fruits “nuts” because well, they look a lot like nuts – and a popular brand is “Eco Nuts“. These are actually a berry – or if you want to get technical – […]


DIY Laundry Pretreater

by Amanda Hearn · 14 comments

Whether you’re using a DIY Detergent or a store bought detergent, you’re going to need a pretreater. With three kids, it seems like I’m always getting these little oily spots on my clothes that seem to not come out in a normal wash. This mix works well on stains and oily/greasy spots too! This pretreater […]