Personal Care Review

Pin ItWeleda is a company built on the mission to “actively cultivate beauty” and to “stimulate and inspire your body, soul and spirit.” That sounds lovely, but what does it really mean and how does it relate to the needs and wants that you have for yourself and your family? Weleda makes it their mission […]


Pin It My husband is what I would consider a ‘manly man’.  When it comes to finding manly and safer body products the selection out there is rather limited.  I was asking for product recommendations one day when someone piped up and said “Every Man Jack“.  Hmm..  Well it sure sounds manly.  I have been […]


Pin ItMy daughter will be two in March. She is *so* girly. It is adorable. She loves to do what Mommy does. She loves her shoes, her bows and her clothes. It came as no surprise to me when, a few weeks ago, she wanted me to paint her nails when I did mine. I […]