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If you’ve been around here long you’ve heard me talk about Healthy Child Healthy World. They are a fantastic organization that works to create safe and healthy environments for children.  In April, I won 4th place in Marcal Small Step’s Small Steps for Big Change Environmental Awards.  I was given the chance to choose an environmental charity to donate $500 to in my name.  I chose Healthy Child because of he changes that they are helping to make that benefit all of us, and the youth to come.

Healthy Child has a wonderful list of 5 Easy Steps to help you create a healthy home environment.  They were inspired by the contest and asked me to write a post for them about my own five steps.  They are a great organization and I feel very blessed to have this platform to share more.  I think that much of the thanks goes to all of you as well, for coming here, reading my blog, interacting with my posts and inspiring me to learn more and reach out to further to share it.

It was hard to pick just five steps, there are so many!  You can read my full article here.

Some additional tips:

6. Avoid chemical cleaners.
Thankfully there are some great companies out there making safe cleaners, but you can save yourself a load of cash (and time searching for products) by using homemade cleaners.

  • Use vinegar and water for a basic all purpose cleaner (equal parts).  Want an extra boost?  Add a drop of dish soap the the bottle and some tea tree oil for extra disinfecting properties.
  • If you’d like to skip residues all together try the Activeion Ionator HOM, I adore mine!
  • Skip all of the junk in traditional laundry detergents by making your own.  Try our recipe, you can make this even more gently by using a castile bar soap, or none at all if you choose.
  • If you want to buy cleaners and detergents choose safe products like those from Seventh Generation, Earth Friendly Products, Eco-Me, etc.
  • Skip fabric softerers and choose a safe option like dryer balls or vinegar.
7. Compost!
You would be surprised how much of your daily waste can be composted.  If your community has a compost area, you can use that or get your own bin.  They take up very little room, and one is really enough!  We have two, and really only needed one.
  • Read more about composting, plus a printable PDF list of what to put in your compost bin.
8. Keep toys safe.
There are so many toys on the market these days and it seems like most are plastic.  We all know that plastic is bad for the environment, so when you buy toys, try to choose products made from wood, cloth, metal or recycled materials.  Choosing products that can be passed down or recycled is a good way to go.
  • There are loads of great toys available these days from companies like Plan Toys, Haba, Green Toys and even store brands from companies like Toys R Us.
  • Some of my favorite shops are Moolka.com, Oompa.com, and of course Amazon.com (search for “eco-friend toys” or “green toys”)
I would love to hear what some of your favorite tips are.  What things do you do that you feel make an impact on your life, or which ones do you just enjoy or feel good about doing?
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  • I love this article! We were environmentally informed before we had our son and we really stepped it up once we had him. We want to provide the safest, healthiest environment possible for him. Since having him, we even started our own business http://www.KiddoKorner.com because we wanted to find the best educational, Eco-friendly, and innovative toys for him and for other families too. You should check it out and let us know what you think!

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