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7 Tips for Easy Easter Baskets!

Kids love Easter baskets, there is no way around it, but the things that go into them can make any parent cringe.  To save resources, the earth and little teeth, these are our baskets and some tips!

Plan Ahead!
Save items that can be reused year after year, and you’ll save money and time too!

  1. Save baskets to reuse each year.  A basket with their name drawn or embroidered on it will certainly be something special each year!
  2. Save “grass” to reuse again and again.  I love the crinkle paper type, it looks great, lasts and comes in vibrant colors!
  3. Save plushies to reuse.  Holiday specific stuffed animals have a short shelf life, after the novelty has worn off, tuck them away for next year!
  4. Save plastic eggs to reuse. I’m not in love with these things, but the kids sure are!  I save eggs that our kids got at a hunt and have never needed to buy any!
Bonus: Because you saved items, you can throw baskets together last minute, without the rush!


Watch what goes inside.

Kids love snacks, but that doesn’t mean they have to be terrible for them (and their teeth)!

  1. When choosing candies, we like to stick to chocolate and other items that don’t stay in the mouth too long.  I remember a dentist talking about how they are better choices because they are in contact with teeth for a shorter period than hard candies and it has always stuck with me.
  2. Think outside of the candy box! Chips, crackers and organic snack bars make great fillers that won’t leave them with an aching belly. Have a school aged child? These make special add-ins for their lunch in the coming week!
  3. Toys are up to you, but our kids have plenty to play with so we mostly choose to stick with consumables to cut down on clutter.

I’d like to thank my personal pal, the Easter Bunny, for inspiring this post, and of course his friends at Hershey’s who sent us a few fun treats from their Virtual Bunny Trail booth at Blissdom!  Be sure to check out the site for more great ideas!

Extra Tip!

Kids love dying eggs, check out these great tips from Kaia Magazine and The Eco Chic, Calley (who you can see pictured with myself and the Easter Bunny).  She gives great tips on how to dye eggs without harsh synthetic dyes using items you probably already have in your kitchen!

Earth Tones: Dye Eggs Naturally

What are your favorite Easter prep tips?  Any great last-minute time savers?

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