A Move & A Lost Dog

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RewardI wanted to let you all know that I have not run off, just sadly busy. We were all packed up and ready to move to our new home near Cincinnati (3+ hours away) on the 5th when our beloved dog ran away. We had the truck packed the night before and we were ready to get a good night’s rest when my husband took Cappy to the restroom, and he decided to bolt. It may have been the rain, people setting off fireworks and firecrackers, the empty house or, likely, a combination of it all that had him scared and anxious, causing him to run. Three full days later we are devastated but still searching and hopeful.

The support on Facebook has been tremendous and we’ve walked the town, knocked on doors and met so many helpful and truly caring people. I’ve been busy emailing shelters and rescues, calling neighboring counties, posting on Facebook groups and pages, handing out fliers and posting them up. I’m exhausted but determined.

I’m gone for now because I can’t see myself anywhere but searching. Though we’ve had our ups and downs (dog hair everywhere – anyone?) we love Cappy dearly and we simply cannot imagine a life without him, he is part of our family.

Thank you for reading. If you care to keep Cappy in your thoughts or share with anyone you may know in Southeast Ohio, we would greatly appreciate it.

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  • I’m so sorry, I hope he turns up soon! When I was little, our cat went missing for over a week, and turned up safe and sound. Sending good thoughts your way!

    • That is encouraging, I’m so glad that your cat came home safely and thank you so much for the kind words.

  • I’m so sorry he ran off 🙁 Moving is hard on animals. Our cats both ran away when we moved a few years ago. We got one back after 3 weeks and one who we were sure was dead after 15.5 months. Fingers crossed your dog finds his way back to you somehow. People are so kind about missing pets.

    • Thank you, I’m so sorry to hear about your cat 🙁 I have heard that moving can really stress them out and I’m sure he could tell something was happening. I just hope he makes it home to us soon.

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