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Tired of long-winded air fryer recipes that tell you about their life stories before they get to the details? Yea, us too.

While the history and story behind well crafted recipes has real value, that’s not necessary for things like “how long do I air fry chicken tenders”. We’ve spent far too many frustrated moments searching and scrolling long blog posts for basic heating instructions, so we created this resource to help us avoid all of that and hope you find it useful, too! Bon appétit!

General Air Frying Tips

  • If using an air fryer with a basket, pause a once mid-way to toss/flip to make sure they cook evenly.
  • If using an air fryer with “shelves” or racks you don’t necessarily need to bother but it often yields a better result.
  • Season as desired but please note that dry spices may burn so it’s best to moisten them with a bit of your preferred oil before applying.
  • Please refer to the USDA Safe Minimum Internal Temperature Chart any time you cook meats. I use and recommend this digital meat thermometer.

Air Fryer Recommendations

The air fryer I use is the Power AirFryer Pro. It is a rack style air fryer (similar to an oven).

Other good options (if you need recs):

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