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Elfie is so bad, he couldn’t help but proclaim his elf status and start some serious drama up at the North Pole. He even made the cover of Time! 😉

Off course this is a nod to the infamous TIME cover that caused a media firestorm this year. I should note I find nothing inappropriate about breastfeeding or extended breastfeeding – more so that the original “Are you mom enough?” version of this cover was inappropriate… well that and that an elf getting inappropriate on a Rapunzel doll is well… inappropriate 😉

This is my #InappropriateElf contest entry. Find out more at and if you don’t want to shell out the cash on an Elf on the Shelf, you can DIY an elf like mine!

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    • LOL, I know what you mean. I’ve been giving her the side-eye since our photo session.
      Thanks Elizabeth!

    • Haha! I never considered that, but I suppose up against my sidebar it does look a bit familiar. Oh my!

    • Thank you <3 I am sure hoping that it wins something! Either way I had a whole lot of fun with it 🙂

      • Oh, so I realize it’s the Parenting Tumblr, which DID mention you on their regular site, just not on their Tumblr. Still, they should probably link to the original from the Tumblr too, or it looks like they made it (I found it by someone linking to it with a comment praising Parenting).

        • They should add a credit anytime it is shared, I really appreciate you letting me know that it was posted there. I emailed them and hopefully someone can get a credit added promptly.

    • I am referring to the “Are you mom enough?” portion of the cover. It doesn’t do much to foster supportive and accepting relationships among mothers.

  • I’m just curious as to why you think the picture on the TIME cover was inappropriate. It wasn’t the typical breastfeeding position, but I don’t see how it was inappropriate?

    • It was the “Are you mom enough?” statement. With such an important topic I’d like to see more supportive context, as opposed to a judgmental headline that pits moms against one another and incites competitiveness.

      • Exactly my thoughts on the original Time cover. The nursing toddler – fine. “Are You Mom Enough” was what put it over the top for me. Why the competition??

        On the other hand, Are You Elf Enough is hysterical 🙂

      • I think the “Are You Mom Enough?” title frustrated everyone; however, this elf/rapunzel portrayal makes it seem like you’re saying that the actual breastfeeding picture was inappropriate; it’s making fun of, denigrating, and hurting breastfeeding.

  • I like this… don’t think it’s making fun of breastfeeding. It’s like SNL where everything topical is fodder for a satirical skit.

  • Did you see this on Lil Blue Boo first? She put this exact same thing up months ago…I’d be sad to see you enter her idea as your own in a contest. However, if this was an innocent mistake, great minds think alike thing, then I say good luck to you!

    • Thank you, and you’re right, great minds do think alike! I had never seen Lil Blue Boo before. Coincidentally, my elf idea last year was used just before I entered, and I had to change my entry at the last second. Pop culture references make for great laughs and are bound to appear in many forms, especially with fun contests like this. I can assure you that my recreation of the TIME cover was just that, not taken from anyone else.

  • Hmmmm. This entry is exactly like the one my friend made on her blog. Imitation is the best form of flattery I guess.

  • I’m Amanda’s friend. Amanda came up with the idea when we were joking around about various breastfeeding elves as a possible contest entry and we recalled the Time cover and she leapt at the idea. She didn’t copy your friend. Neither of us had heard of that blog before and the idea came up out of a brainstorming session naturally whilst joking around.
    She was much more worried that people would accuse her of photoshopping which is why she did the behind the scenes photos. Would someone concerned with validity copy someone? No!
    Even so it’s a PARODY – the idea itself isn’t original anyway.
    Your friend wasn’t being original either – she was copying a cover.
    Take a look at all the fifty shades of grey elf entries. I suppose they are copying each other too? No – it’s a timely topic for a contest.

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