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Last spring when our family went to the zoo in Cincinnati, I was worried about sun exposure on my little ones.  I remember it was SO hot that weekend.  Beautiful, but hot.  I was just as worried about chemicals though.  I didn’t want to put anything on my children that was going to harm them.  I hopped on the Skin Deep Database and did a little research and decided on California Baby.  We ran to the nearest Target and then lathered up!

Here we are about to walk into the zoo!  My sister-in-law was there with us too.  It was a lovely trip.  We had a great time.  The kids enjoyed the animals and we enjoyed being out together as a family and seeing the kids have fun.

I loved the sunscreen.  My children were out in the sun for hours (with breaks of course) and didn’t turn a bit red.  My son especially shows red very easily.  I was thrilled.  I haven’t used anything else since.  I must admit, it was more expensive than anything else on the shelf, but with good cause.  It has lasted me and it works very well.  It has a great rating on the database and I feel safe using it.

I have been excited to try out other California Baby items ever since, but sadly I can’t find them locally.  I was recently sent some samples to try out and I love them!  The Calendula Shampoo & Bodywash smells so good and is so gentle & I love the handy stick sunscreen too.

California Baby trades harsh ingredients like sulfates, DEA, gluten, soy, dyes, synthetic fragrances and numbing agents for natural bubblers like Soapbark and Yucca as well as master blends of calming essential oils. Each California Baby products, such as the Light & Happy Bubble Bath is non-irritating, no-tears, biodegradable and safe for infants, children and sensitive adults.

I would like to share with you all that California Baby has teamed up with one of my favorite organizations, Healthy Child Healthy World.  If you recall, I posted a video from them a while back.  If you haven’t seen it, please do!  It is well worth watching.

Healthy Child Healthy World is an amazing non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about toxic chemical exposure on children’s long-term health and development.

For more information about this partnership, please visit the California Baby website.

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