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Amazing Uses for Citrus Peels

Bowl of mandarin oranges next to a mostly peeled mandarin with trailing peel

Citrus peels have a lovely aroma, and if you’ve ever peeled one you know that they contain a lot of essential oils. You can even watch them spray as you peel sometimes. Put all of that goodness to use with the ideas below. Zest This may be the most obvious, but lemon zest is a […]

Eco-Ethical Technology

Light wood desk, open Apple laptop with a cup of coffee, crumpled notes and pencils arranged and looking from top down

Technology is one of the few things in life that is truly non negotiable these days. From work to personal life, we all spend a lot of time on our various devices for various needs. Not all devices (or the companies that make them) are equal though. Some tech companies have taken an initiative in […]

Young Living Subscriptions Explained { Formerly Essential Rewards }

  Subscribe to Save (Formerly Essential Rewards, or ER) is a free program that allows you to earn points on your Young Living purchases. You must, of course, be signed up as a customer or brand partner of Young Living to use it. What You Earn The points you earn from Subscribe to Save are […]