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The Best Guacamole Recipe { It’s So Easy, Too! }

I love guacamole. It’s delicious and amazing and so good for you…. and because avocado! Avocados are full of healthy fats, vitamins and other awesome things that our bodies love. I love cubing an avocado for a snack, but making a bowl of yummy guac is nearly as easy, and oh so tasty! After a […]

Is a Latex Mattress Right for You?

Is a Latex Mattress Right for You? A comfortable mattress can alleviate back and neck pains, allergies and stress. However, the materials that make up the mattress make a big difference, too.

Since most adults spend more than 3,000 hours annually sleeping and one third of their life in bed, it’s easy to say that our beds are pretty important. We often overlook the effects that a mattress might have on our health, as well as the chemicals it brings into the home and any environmental impact […]

Pokémon Gopocalypse { a.k.a. a Slew of Pokemon Printables! }

Pokémon Go mania is in full swing and as much as I’d like to say that we were totally immune, that’s just not the case. My kids have been playing with and trading Pokémon cards since Ethan was in first grade, more moons ago than I’d like to admit. So when the game hit the […]

Easy Tips to Save Big Money on Your Energy Bill

High and low-tech ways to save energy, money, and time!

Choosing to be more energy efficient is a great way to improve the comfort of your home, save money, and do something good for the environment. Here are some easy tips that you can implement to help cut your bills, while making your daily life simpler, so that you can spend more time doing the […]

Zucchini “Apple” Pie Recipe

If you’ve ever grown zucchini, you know how it can come on quick and in a fury. You’ll have so much zucchini, and you must find something to do with it all — or end up as that person who’s giving away buckets of zucchini to anyone who will take them. In my effort to […]

10 Reasons Menstrual Cups Will Save Your Ass in a Zombie Apocalypse

The last thing you need to worry about in the hell-scape that is a zombie apocalypse is your period. With reusable menstrual products, like cups & pads, you might just survive. Here’s why: 1. They’re reusable. Starting with the obvious here. With zombies all around, no one has time to be manufacturing anything… assuming they […]