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Cloth Diapers for Household Cleaning

When I was pregnant with our youngest daughter I went happy crazy looking for all sorts of adorable newborn cloth diapers.  Our older daughter was born 7 weeks early, so I wanted to be prepared with diapers small enough to fit her in the event she was early too.  I wanted to cloth diaper her from moment one (and I did!).  I’ll talk more about that later.

As I went about gathering newborn diapers I found myself with a large stash of preemie sized prefold diapers.  It turns out that I do not like prefolds in the newborn stage.  Thankfully I had plenty of other tiny diapers that I did like.

So now that I had 3 dozen prefolds sitting here unloved, what was I to do?  Well, I set aside one dozen for a possible future baby.  The other two dozen, well they have found their way into my heart 🙂  I love them…

…for house cleaning!

They are perfect for wiping down counters, dusting, etc.  But most importantly they fit perfectly on Swiffer type cleaning mops.  We had an old wand sitting around here from when my husband did a job that required some clean up.  It has sat here unused because I wasn’t about to buy refills for it.  I decided to try these tiny prefolds in place of the expensive and wasteful refills.  The center section of the prefold is thicker and sits right on the bottom of the mop.  Not only do they fit perfectly but they work better in my opinion, plus they are washable!

One thing to note about these is that like all cloth diapers, you’ll want to wash these a few times in hot water to get them ready to use.  They will have some natural oils in the fibers and you want them to be ready to soak up and tackle your floors.  I don’t wash them any special way after that.  They work great and I hope you like them too!

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