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Choosing The Right Baby Carrier For You

Babywearing is such an amazing tool for parents and caregivers.  It provides an opportunity for bonding as well as a chance for parents to get things done around the house.

When it comes to choosing a carrier, the sea of options can be overwhelming and what works for some may not be the favorite of others.  To help narrow the choices I’ve put together a spreadsheet with basic overviews of various carriers, as well as a sheet dedicated for reviews!

I’ve already gathered a few reviews to get started, but the magic comes from you, the readers!  The second sheet of this spreadsheet is where you can add your opinions on the carriers that you have tried.

I hope that you find this spreadsheet handy and I thank all of you that take the time to add your opinions, they will be so very valuable to parents looking for just the right carrier!

Speaking of carriers, keep your eyes out for a special review coming up.  It’s going to be a lot of fun!

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