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Cloth Diaper Cake Tutorial {With Video}

Cloth Diaper CakeDiaper cakes are a popular, crafty baby shower gift. They are cute and endlessly customizable. This is a budget friendly cloth diaper version. I used just under $80 worth of quality prefolds from Green Mountain Diapers (they are my absolute favorites!), $6 in ribbon, and reused a few items I already had on hand.

This tutorial is part of our { Fluffin’ Awesome Baby Shower Extravaganza! Decor & Gift } I hope that you enjoy it.

As I mentioned in my Cloth Diaper Wreath Tutorial, I love prefold cloth diapers. They truly are a perfect shower gift — even for non-cloth diapering families. They make the best burp cloths and are great to use for cleaning as well.

Cloth Diaper Cake Tutorial

Here’s what you’ll need:

How to:

This cake is very simple to create! Start by folding all of your prefolds into thirds — folding with the seams.

Step 1 Fold and RollFor the bottom layer you will need 10 Large (Brown Edge) Cloth-eez® Prefolds. Start by tightly rolling the first prefold, roll it into the next, and so on until you have a large roll. Your prefolds will not touch end to end at some point, and that is okay. Just add the next layer to the blank space and hold tight. Once your bottom layer is full, secure with a few safety pins, cloth diaper pins or a Snappi.

Step 2 Secure with PinsRepeat this step for the next layer. You will need 7 Medium (White or Red Edge) Cloth-eez® Prefolds, depending on how tightly you roll the prefolds. Once you’re done, secure with pins and embellish your layers with ribbon, or another fun trimming.

Step 3 Add RibbonFor the top layer you are going to fold a little differently to achieve a shorter top layer. If this method is confusing, simply fold the prefold into quarters lengthwise and you should be good to go.

Step 4 Fold Top LayersSecure your top layer and embellish as you did on the previous layers.

Step 5 Pin and Secure Top LayerOnce you’re all done simple stack your layers, tweak any lumps or bumps and add embellishments to fit your shower theme!

Natural Baby Shower Theme

Embellishment Ideas for This Are:

Video Tutorial

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