Cloth Diaper Detergent : How-To

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If you’ve been around here long, I’m sure that you’ve come across my DIY Cloth Diaper Detergent at one point or another.  You might use it, or perhaps you’ve toyed with the idea of making it, but thought it would be too much work.  Have no fear, it’s both affordable and easy to make!

This method of mixing can be applied to the Laundry Detergent Recipe as well.

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  • I love this recipe!!! I've been using it for about 6 months on my diapers and I've had zero stink problems and never had to strip for leaks! Thanks so much! I haven't even finished my first oxi bucket full of detergent in 6 months! I wash diapers on average 3-4 times a week! About 2 wash cycles every time as I use a laundry mat and have always used a laundry mat with old machines and I feel it is the only way they get clean.
    This is such an easy method, I poured everything in in thirds mixing before I added more, it wasn't difficult but it was dusty. I'll definitely try this next time!

    Do you give more details on how you add soap to make this good for cloths? or does it get cloths clean without adding soap? It would be great if I could use this for the rest of my laundry as well…and do you use a different amount for your laundry then the diapers?

  • Lesnys, it is HE safe, just use less about 1/2-3/4 of the standard amount 🙂

    You can split this batch and add soap by grating bar soap and adding it to it, or by using Dr. Bronners and just adding a small squirt to each load. I know many people that use it without soap for all of their clothes and it works well.

  • i just watched this and i love this going to try on cloth diapers and regular clothes.i just love this idea its so cheap!!! your amazing girl…

  • We love this detergent! We actually use it for our clothes as well and it works wonderfully and actually cleans better than most we have tried! Thank you for sharing

  • I think I may try this again in the future. I tried it at first, but I found that my microfiber inserts were still a bit smelly at the end. I’m thinking maybe my water wasn’t hot enough to get them clean?? We moved and now I know my water gets hot enough, so I’d like to try this again. It definitely is the cheapest option!

  • What wonderful tips. I am gearing up for cloth diapering and now can make a detergent.

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