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Cloth Diaper Wreath Tutorial {With Video}

Cloth Diaper Wreath TutorialDiaper gifts crafted into decor and other fun things (like animals, tricycles, and guitars) seem to be a big hit these days at baby showers. I’ve seen diaper wreaths before, and I thought it would be fun project for this event. Wreaths are easy to make and endlessly customizable. There are several tutorials, each with their own take. I hope that you enjoy mine. This is part of our { Fluffin’ Awesome Baby Shower Extravaganza! Decor & Gift }

For this wreath I purchased two dozen preemie sized refolds and ribbon. The rest of my supplies were laying around the house, making it a very affordable gift and piece of baby shower decor. I love prefold cloth diapers, and think that they are a perfect shower gift – even for non-cloth diapering families. They make the best burp cloths and are great to use for cleaning as well.

Cloth Diaper Wreath Tutorial

Here’s what you’ll need:

How to:

Cloth Diaper Wreath Step 3 Cloth Diaper Wreath Step 4

This wreath could not be easier to make. Simply roll your prefolds on the long side, then fold it over the wreath form and secure with a rubber band.

Continue this process all the way around your wreath. I ended up using 19 of my 24 prefolds, you may need more or less than I did depending on the size of your form.

Once your prefolds are in place, it’s time to place your ribbon. Instead of cutting 19 pieces of ribbon and securing each, I decided to weave the ribbon around the wreath. I chose to do this with two colors. This way the ribbon is not attached to each diaper (it will come off easier) and since it’s not cut into small pieces it can be reused.

Cloth Diaper Wreath Step 5 Cloth Diaper Wreath Step 6 Cloth Diaper Wreath Step 7
Once you’ve woven your ribbon color, or colors, around the wreath, carefully turn it over and secure all ends with a safety pin. Trim any long pieces – as well as any threads that may be on your prefolds.

Cloth Diaper Wreath Step 8
Attach a pipe cleaner, piece of ribbon, or other loop at the top of your wreath. Be sure to do this securely, as this is where you wreath will hang from.

Finally, it’s time to add a bit of embellishment. I kept is simple for this wreath since I was trying use what I had on hand. You can make this wreath fit your shower theme by adding a variety of decorations.

Diaper Wreath

Embellishment Ideas for This Are:

For this wreath, I repurposed two organza gift bags into “flowers,” as seen in the video below.

Video Tutorial

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