Commonly Used Cloth Diaper Acronyms & Abbreviations

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Cloth diaper lovers and greenies have a language all their own!  With a little practice, this post should have you navigating chats and boards like an old pro!

Diaper & Accessory Brands
AC – AppleCheeks
AFFF – ArtsyFartsy FooFoo
B4 – Bububebe
BG – BumGenius 
BSRB – Bagshot Row Bamboo
CC – Crunchy Clean detergent
FB – Fuzzibunz
FLFB – Four Little Fluff Bugs
GAD – Green Acre Designs
GM – Goodmama
GMD – Green Mountain Diapers
GS – Green Sprouts 
GV – GroVia
HH – Happy Heinys
KL0 – Kissaluvs size 0 (common newborn diaper)
PW – Planet Wise
RaR – Rump a Rooz
RLR – laundry additive
RnG – Rockin’ Green
SB – Swaddlebees
SBISH – Sistainablebabyish
SNB – Sun Baby
WB – Wooly Bottoms
WCW – Wild Child Woolies

Diaper Lingo
AI2 – all-in-two
AIO – all-in-one
CD – cloth diaper
CV – cotton velour
DSQ – diaper service quality prefolds
EBF – exclusively breastfed (often when referring to how to wash nb/young baby diapers)
EC – elimination communication
FL – front loader (washing machine)
GN – gender neutral
H&L – hook and loop (velcro/aplix/touchtape closures)
HC – Hyena Cart
OBV – organic bamboo velour
OS – one size
PF – prefold diapers
PUL – polyurethane laminate (waterproof layer on cloth diapers)
SC – Spots Corner (also see HC)
T&T – turned and topstitched (as opposed to a serged diaper)
TL – top loader (washing machine)
TPU – laminate material (also see PUL)

Buying & Selling
DC – delivery confirmation
EC – excellent condition
EUC – excellent used condition
FFS – free for shipping
FRB – flat rate box (shipping boxes from USPS)
FS – for sale
FSOT – for sale or trade
GC – good condition
GUC – good used condition
HTF – hard to find
IHA – I have a
ISO – in search of
MAO – make an offer
PP – paypal
PPD – postage paid or included
SYOF – send your own fabric (for custom items)
WAHM – work at home mom

AP – attachment parenting
BF – breastfeeding
BLW – baby-led weaning
BW – babywearing
CSA – community supported agriculture
DH – Dear Husband (this rule follows for child, daughter, son, etc (DC – DD – DS, etc))
DM – direct message (also see PM)
EBF – exclusively breastfed
EO – essential oil
EF – eco-friendly
EFF – eco-friendly family
LIP – link in post
NER/NEFR – not eco-friendly related
OT – off topic
PIP – pic in post
PM – private message (also see DM)
PSA – public service announcement
SAHM – stay at home mom
SO – significant other
TTO – tea tree oil

See anything I’m missing?  I’d be happy to add it!

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