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Use menstrual pads? You might consider cloth!

Cloth PadsI’ve written before about eco-friendly feminine products. I am quite fond of my cup, but I have not personally used cloth pads.  I am happy to be able to share the story of a reader who has.  (Thank you!)

If you had told me when I was in high school that I would be using cloth diapers, let alone cloth pads, I would have called you insane. But, alas, here I am, wiser and loving cloth.

I started thinking about using cloth after I gave birth to my son. I started building a stash, in anticipation and with the hope that I would like cloth pads. I also purchased the Diva Cup. I tried the Diva first. I have always been a tampon only kind of girl. Heck, I used tampons with my first period. So naturally, I thought I would love the Diva. I was wrong. It just doesn’t work for me. Luckily though I had built my cloth pad stash.

As I had been waiting for my period to return, I was diligently purchasing various brands of cloth pads. I was actually excited about getting to try them. I feel absolutely ridiculous saying that, so feel free to laugh. But it is true, nonetheless. Some of the things I worried about are: leaks, bulkiness, cleaning them, and how often to change them. The main issue was: will people notice? Obviously, this is not something you want people to notice, at any time.

I am happy to say that they worked! I was actually using pads. A crazy and foreign thought to me. I have always love tampons, the discreetness and ease of use, were main factors. However, cloth has proven to be far less of a hassle than I worried about. In fact, I don’t even think of it as a hassle or a burden.

If you are thinking about cloth I recommend trying a few brands and styles and seeing what is right for you, prior to purchasing a full stash. I have found that I love Homestead Emporium‘s Teeny Ultimate for regular flow. It is the perfect size for discreetness, but also I don’t have to worry about leaks and other issues. I have found heavy pads to be a bit bulky. I am leaning towards the Homestead Emporium Ultimate as my favorite. However, I did test a heavy pad on Diaper Swappers for a seller that I found amazingly discreet and felt like it was not even there. I believe part of the core was zorb, which probably helped contribute to its thinness.

I know a big question is how do you wash your pads? I throw mine in a wetbag and wash them with the normal laundry. I have not had a any problems to date. They have gotten the normal amount of detergent and even Method or Ecover softener. I have not had any problems with my pads or my other laundry in the nine months I have been using them.

The trick is to discover what type you like and not to give up in the first month or two. Although you probably won’t even want to from the beginning. Cloth pads are extremely easy to use, store, and wash. I highly recommend them.

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