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DIY eReader & Tablet Case! (with video!)


A while back, I wrote about my new found love for eReaders.  I received a Kindle for Christmas and have been somewhat addicted since.  If you don’t have one, I highly suggest getting one, I love mine.  You can pick up a Kindle these days for as little as $114!  In addition to the Kindle being more affordable, there are thousands of books available to read for free.

So now that you have an eReader, you need something to protect it.  Covers run from $30 on up.  I love my reader, but I really don’t feel like spending a lot on a cover that I may want to change up in the future.  I have a sleeve style cover that my husband got me with my Kindle, but I’ve been wanting something that helps me hold and read a bit easier – something a bit more like holding a real book.  After looking at several covers on Amazon & Etsy, I decided to make my own.  It took me just a couple of hours from start to finish and I couldn’t be happier!

If video instructions aren’t for you, check out the step by step guide below!

Find a book that is a little thicker than your eReader and about an inch larger in each direction (or bigger to be cut to size).  Remove the insides of the book and measure for cutting if needed.  To give you an idea of size, my Kindle is 7.5″x5″, so I cut the book so that the back panels measured 8.5″x6″

Once you’ve cut your cover to size, use tape to reinforce the spine and all of the edges.  This will also help give the cut edges a smooth finish.

Next you’ll want to select a fabric you like and cover your book cover. It doesn’t need to be very neat as the edges will all be covered up, do try to keep it somewhat tidy though, so that you don’t end up with big bumps or ripples.  I found that hot glue worked very well for this.

 You also want to place a wide strip of fabric up the center of the book, be sure to fold under the top and bottom of the fabric to hide the edges.  These will be visible.

After you’ve covered the case portion, you’ll want to get some paper board for the inside cover.  Something with a sturdiness like a cereal box or other product box will work well.  Standard cardboard would be too thick for this.  I also cut two pieces of felt to help provide some ‘cushion’ for my Kindle.  My panels are 8″x5.5″.

Use craft glue to attach the felt to the paper board and then cover it with your fabric of choice, just like you did the outer cover.  Once you’ve completed that, you can add your elastic.

You’ll want to use elastic that is approximately 4 inches or so in length.  I used my sewing machine to securely attach the elastic.  You could use hot glue, but be sure that it is secure!  If you want to add a closure of some sort, you can do that now (see the loop on the right?)  After I attached my elastic loop, I attached a bead to the front of my cover using a seam ripper to carefully poke two holes through my cover to thread a needle and string through to secure my bead.

After you’ve completed this step, you are nearly home free!  Load up the backside of your panels with glue to attach them to the inside of your cover.  I used craft glue all over the back, and then before attaching them, I went around the edges with hot glue to give it instant hold.

Insert your eReader and enjoy your brand new cover!  If you made a closure on your cover, I recommend allowing the glue to dry for a day before using it.


Now you can enjoy your eReader in style (your imagination is the limit!)  You’ll have the wonderful feeling of holding a book in your hand and what’s nice, is that this cover can even fold backwards while you are reading if you choose to do that.

This is a fun way to have several covers (if your an accessory fan), to give a personalized gift or simply to have for practical reasons.

I had a lot of fun making this cover and I just love it.  I hope this post helps you make your own.  If you try it, please post link your pictures or post them to our Facebook page.  I’d love to see them!


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