Do they ever stop eating?

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GwennySo summer is in full swing here and I’m ready to lose my mind. I love LOVE my kids and having them home, but summer feels like a cruel joke. Yes, let’s give the kids a break when it’s too damn hot to really spend time outdoors — and if you do, you’ll have to load them up on sunscreen and/or bug spray – oh and monitor their play to keep them from overheating.

But there’s more… Gwen’s still home full time, but Ethan and Lily have been out of school for just two and half weeks. There have been fun times, not so fun times, but mostly there’s been a lot of eating. In fact, I’m pretty sure they’ve already eaten more food in the last 17 days than they did all school year… Which begs the question?

How in the hell did they survive the school year?

All year long I woke up, fed them a moderate breakfast (because no one in their right mind can eat a big meal at 7:00 in the morning — and frankly, no one should even be awake at that time, but I digress.) I packed fun, sensible lunches and a small snack, I kissed them and sent them off with well wishes. That’s all they needed to make it through the day, and many days Lily would bring home half of her lunch uneaten. Sure, some days they wanted a little something to eat when they got off the bus, but it was rarely a full blown case of Imstarvingosis.

Since school has been out, they eat ALL day! ALL mother loving’ day! You think I’m exaggerating, but I assure you I’m not.

Where did this hunger come from? Where was it all school year? Do they have ANY idea how much it costs to buy groceries? Especially organic groceries???

I’m left exhausted, financially ruined and confused.

I wake up every day with the smile of my youngest (yes, she’s almost five and still sleeps in our bed), white sheets and sunshine — I have high hopes for each and every day. I really do start with good intentions, I swear. I think to myself, “Today we’ll have SO much fun!” but then the eating begins.

Before I can even fill my reusable Keurig cup, my kids are begging me for food – sometimes literally crying for it. I feed them and half way through my cup of coffee at least one of them is asking for something else to eat…. you know because, “Mommy, I’m hungry.”

I’m pretty sure that some sort of delirium has set in. It’s been two weeks. It feels like it should have been years, but at the same time it feels like it just started.

It’s like Groundhog Day. Every day is the same, but also sort of not.

I think I was going somewhere with this, but my kids had lunch twenty minutes ago and they’re climbing on me because they need a snack.

This is everyone right?


Just me?


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