Do you have “Prefold Love”?

Though all-in-ones and pocket diapers are awesome, fashionable and trendy, prefold diapers are such a wonderful cloth diapering option for any family. Whether the need is financial savings or simply an uncomplicated wash routine, prefolds have you covered.

To read more about these lovely diapers, or to rekindle your love for them, head over to Project Convert 2 Cloth to read my new guest post all about prefold cloth diapers!

When you’re done, head back here to buff up on folding techniques with my prefold video tutorials and prefold picture tutorials.

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  • When my husband and I started collecting our stash before our babe got here, we got a variety of diapers. Thought we’d end up using those cute pocket and aio’s the most. Now, the pockets, aios, and fitted are in a basket in the closet out of commission til I get the guts up to sell them and we only use prefolds, flats, and pul and wool covers. They make so much more sense to me for us. I never have to worry about pee repelling off the microfleece pockets and they are much easier to care for in my opinion. As her needs change I fold a little differently to accomodate that need with the same diaper. They also seem trimmer to me because I can put the majority of the absorbency where she needs it instead of all over. I love prefolds! (and flats)

  • My newborn stash was half prefolds and I was really surprised how much I loved them. So simple to wash and yes cheap! I have 12 that fit my 23 month old now but don’t use them as much as she is squirmy. But my sis, is using my prefolds for my 2 month old nephew and they are her favorite diaper. Looking forward to using the tiny prefolds again as baby #3 is on its way!

  • I started cloth diapering at 10 months and I was rather surprised to find that I love my prefolds. For the next baby I plan on using mainly prefolds with covers until baby is out of the newborn stage. Who knows, maybe even flats!

  • I started with AIO. Hated the routine. Took a break from them all together for a few months. Switched to Econobum prefolds & covers (no snappis) and I am in love. Cheap, easy, effective. About to have another baby & we’ll see how CD with 2 under 2 goes!

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