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Light wood desk, open Apple laptop with a cup of coffee, crumpled notes and pencils arranged and looking from top downTechnology is one of the few things in life that is truly non negotiable these days. From work to personal life, we all spend a lot of time on our various devices for various needs. Not all devices (or the companies that make them) are equal though. Some tech companies have taken an initiative in recent years to work towards having minimal to no negative effect on the environment. Here are a few top brands and a look at how they’re working to offset the cost of technology on our planet.


A personal favorite for the Eco-Friendly Family, Apple is one of the most popular technology creators in the world. Few know though that they have zero landfill waste policies in all assembly facilities, run much of their business on renewable energy sources, and even work to use recycled and renewed items where possible. Apple’s commitment to eco-friendliness doesn’t stop with their products themselves. Their sustainability efforts extend from their manufacturing processes to the packaging that their products are shipped in.


As a well known tech company it makes sense that Microsoft, who operates some of the largest servers in the world, would be actively working to be more eco-friendly. Microsoft has outlined plans to be carbon negative as early as 2030, which is quite a feat for a company of this size. They source much of the energy use for their server facilities from renewable energy sources. Like Apple, Microsoft also actively attempts to source recycled and reused materials for production of their products. 


Asus, a well known laptop and chrome book manufacturer, is also a very forward thinking company when it comes to their effects on the environment. ASUS was awarded the most socially responsible company in Asia in 2020, and continues to strive to be better in all aspects. One of the unique aspects of ASUS as a company is that they are committed to using conflict free minerals in the products they produce, which not only helps the environment, but also works to improve the quality of life for those working in the environments where these minerals are obtained.

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As you can see, companies have been making strides in insuring that their effects on the environment are minimized. Given the role consumer technology products play in the waste crisis’ facing the world, we must all strive to support these efforts to help our planet and those inhabiting it.  

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