Young Living Subscriptions Explained { Formerly Essential Rewards }


Subscribe to Save (Formerly Essential Rewards, or ER) is a free program that allows you to earn points on your Young Living purchases. You must, of course, be signed up as a customer or brand partner of Young Living to use it.

What You Earn

The points you earn from Subscribe to Save are called Loyalty Points are based on how long you are actively enrolled in the program. Once earned, they can be used to purchase Young Living products.

  • 0-6 Months – 10% of of the PV of each Subscribe to Save order
  • 6-12 Months – 15% of the PV of each Subscribe to Save order
  • 13+ Months – 20% of the PV of each Subscribe to Save order

What does that mean for my savings?

If you’re a Brand Partner you’re already saving 24% on all of your orders. By using Subscribe to Save your savings over retail will be instantly deeper. If not, this program is the best way to save 24% as a customer. Your savings will also grow based on how long you are in the program.

  • 34% Total savings the first six months
  • 39% Total savings the next six months
  • 44% Total savings for the remainder of the time you remain in the program

As you can see, the savings and value really add up! They also send free products with your monthly order as extra incentive once you’ve been enrolled for a while.

How to Earn

Earn by signing up for Subscribe to Save and buying the products you already do. It’s really that simple. Below are a few notes that might help answer any questions you might have.

  • In order to earn, you must be signed up as a customer or brand partner (learn the differences here)
  • You must spend about $50 a month (plus tax & shipping). (50 PV)
  • If you wish to earn a commission check with all applicable bonuses, in addition to earning points, you must spend about $100 a month instead (plus tax & shipping). (100 PV)
  • There are some basic commissions that you are eligible for at the $50 level, but the $100 level opens you up to several bonuses, making it a much faster way to begin covering the cost of your Subscribe to Save orders.
  • Your monthly orders can be any combination of products that you wish—oils, cosmetics, household cleaners, toiletries, supplements, etc. —so long as the PV value (it shows you on the order page) reaches the 50 or 100 level you wish to get to.
  • If you have a month where placing an order is an issue, simply call and place your Subscribe to Save account on hold for a month. You may use one of these grace periods per year, if needed.
  • If you decide that you would no longer like to be in the program, simply redeem your points and then cancel by calling customer service. If you cancel before redeeming your points, they will be lost.
  • There is no fee for cancelling.
  • You are never under any obligation to continue in the program.

That’s it! The moment your order is shipped, you have points! Once you have been in the program for two months, you can begin redeeming them and enjoying the fruits of your savings.

Remember, you must be signed up with Young Living in order to enroll in the Subscribe to Save  program. You can read more about that here.

Bottom line – if you want to save money on great products, you will want to enroll in the Subscribe to Save program!

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