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My Favorite Young Living Products { That Aren’t Oils }

I have to be honest, essential oils really aren’t my thing, at least not in the use-them-for-all-the-things way — I do, however, love the Young Living products I use in my home. I also like the opportunity to earn a little cash to help cover my purchases. This is something I was especially grateful for when I was going through my divorce and the resulting social fallout that happens when you start setting boundaries for the first time in your life. Finances and budgeting were huge concerns and being a Young Living brand partner absolutely helped me bridge some of that gap. I won’t claim it’s perfect for everyone, but it was certainly a help to me.

Many of these items sold by companies like Young Living do have prices higher than what I might pick up at Target, but keep in mind that you can get a 24% discount easily by using Subscribe-to-Save (similar to Amazon) and you can also earn up to 25% of your purchase back in rewards the essentially spend 1 to 1 like dollars. If you earn a commission, then you’re doing even better. For me, that looks like monthly orders of household supplies that are free, or pretty darn close, as long as I keep my monthly order as close to 100PV/month as possible. To be clear, my order is this amount because I want to be eligible for commissions on top of the discounts and points. This is not a general requirement, but rather what works best for me to maximize savings. Now, on to my favs!

Household & Laundry Cleaners

I have to admit that I really don’t love the aesthetic of these products (nitpicky, I know) but I do love the way they work. I purchased reusable glass spray bottles, a glass dish soap pump bottle, and even a refillable glass laundry detergent bottle to help these look great in my home. These are not a must and I saved big by shopping sales at Target & Meijer (my laundry bottle is the same as the one linked here to Amazon but was 2.40 on clearance). Again, not a must but as someone who works from home, making my space feel nice is so important to my mental and emotional health. My favs are the thieves cleaning concentrate, dish soap, and laundry soap. You can shop these at the YL website by tapping here and selecting Natural Home Care from the Shop menu bar.


I don’t actually wear a lot of makeup but I do like to be prepared and I have two femme-presenting children who love to try makeup looks. While I don’t like traditional foundations, and their color selection is lacking (especially in deep shades) there are several items I do like for myself, and that I feel safe giving to my teens – especially the mascara. I also like their mineral veil to lightly dust oil-prone areas, pressed shadow, and lip gloss (it gives a great tint). You can shop these at the YL website by tapping here and selecting Clean Makeup from the Shop menu bar.

Absolutely All of Their Brushes

Savvy Minerals by Young Living offers a wide range of makeup brushes that are very soft, vegan friendly, hypoallergenic, quick drying, and made in Italy. Most are available as singles, though there is a also a set that comes with a carrying case. You can shop these at the YL website by tapping here and selecting Clean Makeup from the Shop menu bar.

If you are already a Young Living customer, I hope you find this list helpful. If you aren’t, but think you would like to be, I would be grateful if you used my link when purchasing (you will create a customer account when you do), and of course please feel to leave a comment if you have any questions.

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