Floor Cleaning, Simplified

Floor Cleaning, Simplified : With the bObi robotic vacuum
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Floor Cleaning, Simplified : With the bObi robotic vacuumI’m going to be honest here. Cleaning is not my favorite thing. Not by even the longest of shots. You would think that picking up a device that would clean FOR ME would be a no-brainer, but when robotic vacuums first came around I couldn’t imagine how they could work all that well. I mean, they’re so tiny! But then I started hearing friends say things like “It’s part of the family.” Some even said they had one for each floor of their home. Every time I saw a post the comments were full people sharing their love for these little devices.

The buzz had my head turned, so when bObsweep reached out to me about being introduced to their line I was ready and excited jump on board. We chatted about my family’s needs and soon their bObi Classic Robotic Vacuum was headed my way.

You may have seen bObi's introduction on my Instagram stories.
You may have seen bObi’s introduction on my Instagram stories.

bObi arrived with the most adorable with ‘birth announcement’ and the kids nearly flipped. They could not wait for me to get it all set up. I must have said “It has to charge first!” at least a dozen times, and you should have seen the kids the first time bObi approached a ledge! The kids all screamed in unison “bObi, no!”  It was comical. Have no fear, bObi is fine. She zooms in and out of tight spaces, avoiding dangers while sweeping up fluff along the way.

Before we get into the details and features of bObi, I want to discuss my biggest concern – our dog, Sadie.

bObi & pets

I was skeptical at first, you see we have a lab… who sheds… a lot. She’s also entirely terrified of our upright vacuum. While slightly amusing, I was worried that bObi might stress her out. She’s known for jumping onto the furniture – across it – and more when the vacuum is on. It really scares her and the last thing we would want is a machine running around terrorizing her. Thankfully, Sadie really doesn’t care too much about bObi. bObi isn’t nearly as loud as our upright vacuum, and I think her smaller size and slower speed probably come into play as well. I wouldn’t say that she’s snuggling up with bObi anytime soon, but she’s certainly not stressed or scared by it in any way. I’m calling this one a win.

bObi & kids

As I mentioned, the kids were crazy excited when bObi arrived, perhaps annoyingly so. bObi has been with us for about a month now and they still ask to turn her on far too often. I like to let her work during the day, but the kids do enjoy when I let her work on the weekends. They like following bObi around – sort of like an extra sibling for them to chase and attack – and they love to fight over who gets to turn bObi on… which often results in at lest two of our three kids getting to turn her off and on so that they all get a turn ??

bObi is pretty much hands off, but you will need to keep cords out of the way. This is the same as any other vacuum but because we are in the middle of a home renovation it does require a little extra diligence on my part. bObi doesn’t like loose or tangly things. We have cut up multiple areas of our main floor and will be replacing the carpet with wood flooring, but until then we have several raw edges. Clearly this won’t apply to anyone but me, but it’s worth noting that should there be an area of conflict, it’s simple enough to just put something in bObi’s way – like a gate, basket, or box.

finer details & features

I love how bObi, when used regularly, can manage the daily dog hair and dust. While I can’t imagine ever allowing bObi into our girls’ room (the mess…. ohhh the mess), I cannot wait to have new floors to set bObi loose on. She maneuvers our big areas so smoothly and I am excited for her to be able to keep up with more of the house for me.

Floor Cleaning, Simplified : With the bObi robotic vacuum

bObi is a compact vacuum full of features. It sweeps and vacuums while using a UV sterilization on the bottom panel, along with a HEPA filter. And, while I don’t currently use the mop function, it does exist. Once we have new flooring in I’ll be excited to try it out.

bObi comes with a Wi-Fi enabled remote which allows you to set up a fully customized cleaning schedule. If that’s not your thing, simply press the touchscreen buttons on top of bObi: GO!, JUICE, or WAFFLE.

In GO! mode bObi will travel around your home, across all floors and surfaces. When bObi needs to recharge (battery below 15%), she will automatically head back to the charging dock. This ensures that you won’t fine bObi laying lifeless in a hallway, corner, or under furniture.

JUICE mode will send bObi back to home base to recharge.

In WAFFLE mode, bObi will spend extra time in the area you set her in – traveling in a grid pattern to concentrate on tougher messes.

Of course, a deep cleaning with carpet is sometimes needed, but I am really excited to see how she does when we have more solid surface floors (she does great in our kitchen!) While bObi Classic is the right fit for us, but may want to learn more about their other models on the bObsweep website or on Amazon.




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