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Cloth Diaper Storage Solutions & Ideas

I love seeing how people store their cloth diapers. The cute set ups, the pretty baskets, neat changing stations etc.

Today I would like to share with you a few things that I have done for storage solutions as well as some ideas submitted by others.

With both of our girls in diapers we had a lot going on. We picked up baskets that fit the diapers perfectly making storage on this changing station an organizational breeze. There was plenty of room for all of the diapers for the girls as well as wool, wipes, doublers and even containers for pre-moistened wipes.
Once my girls started to use the potty frequently we transitioned their diapers into the bathroom, it just made more sense for us. We have a vanity that has 3 drawers down each side and then a section under the sink. Something like this:

Under the sink, I put her prefolds and some inserts and a few other things that I don’t use much. In the 3 drawers on the right. I kept her diapers, with wipes are dry in the top drawer, stacked up and ready to go 🙂

These are a few other solutions that I used.

This was in the bottom of our old entertainment center in the living room. It was super handy when she was really little 🙂 This was in her room before we bought the changing station. It was the bottom of a converted bookshelf 🙂 We added a rod in the top half to hang her baby clothes before my husband built her a closet 🙂
Now, I have never done this one, but I’ve always thought that it looked like a good idea 🙂 These are the Closetmaid cubes, but it would be so easy to make yourself. Also, if you DIY, you could make it fit the style of basket/container/cube you want.
Here are a few great options that I have seen 🙂
and this wall mounted version 😀 This would be great above a changing table or dresser!

How are your diapers set up? 

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