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How to Prep Cloth Diapers | The First Wash

There are two basic things you need to look at when prepping diapers.
Is it a natural fiber? (hemp, bamboo, cotton, etc)
Is it a synthetic fiber? (PUL, microfiber, etc)

If it’s a synthetic fiber:
Simply wash the product once with a bit of diaper safe detergent. I like to use hot water. Dry on medium heat or line if you prefer.

That’s it! Enjoy your new diapers!

If it’s a natural fiber:
Some diapers/inserts made from natural fibers come pre-prepped. If so, wash once (like above) if you like and enjoy.

Most don’t come prepped, so you will need to do it yourself to rid the fabric of it’s natural oils.

To get started using these types of diapers, 3 hot wash/dry cycles will typically work. I like to use a bit of diaper safe detergent with each wash to help strip the oils. The diapers will get more absorbent with use.

Some diapers will require more prepping (another hot wash or two). I suggest testing after 3 washes. You can do this by taking a dry diaper and running it under some warm water (slow stream). If it absorbs easily, you’re good to go. If it beads up, you need another hot wash.

Can you prep different diapers together?
Yes and no. You can prep natural fibers with natural fibers, and you can prep synthetic with synthetic.

What type of detergent can you use?
You can make your own. (DIY Cloth Diaper Detergent) or purchase a detergent.

There are several brands. I’m sure I will miss some, and just because a detergent is listed here does not mean that I personally support it. I have not had the chance to try all of these, as I have primarily made my own. Detergent can be different from one household to the next. Baby’s skin sensitivity, water hardness, wash routine and other things can play a factor in effectiveness.

Okay, onto brands you can buy 🙂

Allens Naturally Laundry Detergent
BumGenius Diaper Detergent
Charlie’s Soap
Country Save
Crunchy Clean
Eco Nuts
Eco Sprout
Rockin’ Green

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