I have a diaper problem.

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If you have a child that keeps a diaper on, I am so jealous!  Our first daughter was always taking her clothes off, but the diapers stayed on for the most part.  G is just insane.  She is constantly taking her diapers off.  When she was about 7 months old I switched from hook and loop closures to snaps.  I thought that would be the end of it.  More than a year later, I’ve decided that helping her learn to use the potty full time is my only refuge.

The funniest part about all of this is where I find diapers.  I find them on our porch, in the play room, in our bedrooms and pretty much any other place that she can squeeze into.  The sound of the snaps coming undone just cracks me up – “pop-pop….pop-pop”.  Thankfully she’s pretty good about going to the potty, so accidents are minimal.

In the past month her diaperless obsession has become worse.  We bed share… yes, you can see where this is going.  To get started, our bed set up is somewhat unusual.  We have a queen sized bed, with an open faced crib set up on my side.  Something like a co-sleeper set-up but with an awesome Naturepedic mattress.  My husband sleeps on his side of the bed, I have mine and then G sleeps on her bed, as it attaches to my side of the bed…. well she starts there anyhow.  The point is, G has a lot of room to roll around – which is where her nighttime escapades begin.

She has this move, if you can picture this – she’s laying on her back, zonked.. sleeping like an angel.  Suddenly I am woken up to “pop-pop….pop-pop”.  She’s opened up her diaper, flipped it down between her legs and in one swift move she rolls away from me onto her belly… fast asleep, her soaked diaper left between us.  If it weren’t so darn funny I’d be more upset.  I can’t tell you the unpleasant surprises I’ve had before I realized what she was up to.  Lately she’s also taken to flinging it and then rolling over to go back to sleep.  For the first time since she was a newborn, I am a pro at diapering her while practically asleep.

I’ve tried putting pajamas on her, but she doesn’t sleep well when clothed for some reason.  She’s nuts.  I’d love to hear how you keep diapers on your little Houdini.

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  • I would also love to know how to keep diapers on. My son isn't quite ready to potty learn but the flinging, pulling, and ~sigh~ smearing…I know too well!

  • So far we've been lucky. As long as our almost-10-month-old has pants on or a snap cover, his diaper stays on. If he has a hook-and-loop cover on without pants, he can get that off but hasn't been able to figure out the snappi to get out of his prefold, so the only real danger there is a blowout.
    I had a funny feeling when reading this, though, that I was looking into our future. ><

  • A pull on wool soaker over her diaper! Or a fleece one would work too. The only thing that worked for my son when he would take the diapers off.

  • On a slightly different note…what type of cloth diapers do you use? My little one is not quite 7 months old but I foresee this problem occurring in the future as he is extremely 'into everything'!

  • I use bumGenius Elemental All-in-Ones. I switched to them when she was around a year old because anything with hook/loop was being torn off in seconds. She enjoyed the sound 🙂

  • Sounds like she doesn't like being wet/dirty! Once I realized DS hated being wet, we went the elimination communication route. Now, he can usually just wear trainers to bed!

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