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When I was in junior high I played basketball and ran track.  I haven’t really done much since.  My version of staying in shape is chasing kids and grocery shopping.  I’ll be twenty-nine this year an I want to be healthier all around.  I make an effort in many other areas, why not this one too?  So I decided to start walking.

I went to the store and bought an amazingly comfortable pair of yoga pants, a sports bra and a tank.  I can’t believe I never bought activewear before.  Do you have any idea how comfortable it is?!!  I also picked up an arm band to house my iPod and a pair of earbuds with the ear wraps.
I started walking two weeks ago now and man I love it.  I enjoy going about a half an hour after dinner.  The air feels good and there aren’t as many people out.  I walk, run, jog – whatever I feel like.  I listen to my iPod and it’s like the world melts away.  Last night I stopped after two laps to have a drink of water and check the time.  I opened up my passenger side car door and sat to grab my water bottle and my body broke into a sweat.  I was released from stresses and thoughts, good or bad – everything. It sounds so weird and it’s hard to describe, but I was so purely happy.  I had time for a couple of more laps and so I did, a big old goofy grin on my face.
It might not be for everyone, but I highly recommend trying it out!  It’s good for your body and it’s 20-40 minutes (or more!) of time all about you!  Not home where you try to sneak a moment, but truly all about you, about being with yourself, uninterrupted.  It’s about doing something good for you and having fun while you do it (jam those iPods ladies!)  I was practically dance walking, you should have seen me.  On second thought, I’m glad you didn’t!
We are all busy in our own ways, moms, dads, men, women.  We all have a schedule full of things we must do.  Making time for yourself is so worth it.  I’m two weeks in and a whole lot happier.  This is my sanctuary 🙂

Do you walk/jog/run?  Do you do yoga?  What do you love to do for you?  I would love to hear your experiences.

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  • I am fortunate enough to live by the ocean, where sunrise yoga is held in the summertime on the boardwalk. I can't tell you how many times I woke up before the sun, wondering why I was doing that, and ended up having an incredible day because it started with physical movement and mental clarity. I have since fallen off the exercise wagon, so to speak, but you have influenced me to sign up for in-studio yoga!

  • You inspired me to walk tonight with the kids – thank you! I had to wait until dark because of the heat, but it was worth it.

  • Yoga at sunrise sounds amazing Gretchen! We have a nice yoga studio here. I'd love to try it out some day.

    Not related, but I've also been told that Zumba is a lot of fun and there is a class just down the road from me.

    Lisa, that's so great! I hope the kids loved it. I took E with me one night and he had a ball. I felt good knowing that I was setting a good example for him too 🙂

  • I've been jogging since baby was 8 weeks old…so about 9 weeks now, I've loved it! I haven't been watching how much I eat I just eat until I'm comfortably full. I have been watching what I eat. It takes a lot of good calories and protein to keep me jogging and EBFing DS

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