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I’ve been doing well watching what I eat, and I haven’t gained any weight, though I suppose I am gaining muscle tone too, which is good.  I also feel slightly less motivated this past week. I think that definitely relates to my ability to get out of the house. It seems that staying home causes me to gradually become less active. I did a bunchof cleaning and organizing last week, but I never really left the house and now I just feel like curling up to nap.

Since my last week was entirely uneventful, my goal is to get off my duff this week and go do something! I think I’ll kick it off with some grocery and Father’s Day shopping this afternoon. It’s not crazy fun, but it will most likely be by myself and I can sneak in some extra paces by parking far from the store (easy step!). I also hope to get the kids to the park and spend a little more time walking in the evenings this week.  Here’s hoping!

In addition to getting off my bum, I would like to make more meals. I have been lacking serious motivation and need to get into the swing of things again. I’ve been loading up on fruits, which I need to do more of because my three little monsters devour it and I’m left with zilch, but I love food, so I need to add in some fun and flavor.  Plus, despite the lack of hours I spend in my kitchen, I really do enjoy cooking.

What motivates you? And if you have a favorite healthy dinner recipe I’d love to try it out, please link it in the comments!

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  • Hi! I just found your blog through the Ecomom Alliance. I love that you posted this because sometimes I go through the same thing. I work from home and I always find myself falling into a nap…or two! The the that keeps me motivated is working out in the morning and new recipes. I love to try new things! I just joined an organic buying club, which has really helped my motivation. I posted some pictures of foods I have recently using the organic foods on my Pinterest page: http://pinterest.com/LiveESP/chemical-free-cooking-success/. If you see any that you thing look good there, let me know! I can give you the more detailed recipe :). I highly suggest the beet/mango salad!

  • I am motivated because I have to keep up with the youngins on the rugby pitch! My body is not like it use to be. It takes so much longer to recover after a game. I have tons of recipes on my blog. All healthily- no flour or crappy ingredients, no refined sugars only dates, honey or fruit to add sweetness. My 2 favorite are my chocolate coconut butter and my raw lemon pie bars! Yum yum! SO happy to be art of the go green get fit challenge with you! 🙂

  • I struggle with staying motivated. I feel like I can keep myself going for a few weeks but then I start to fall back into those bad habits. Being aware is definitely a good first step to getting your tush back into gear. For me, looking at my wiggly one makes me want to stay on track. Keeping up with him is lots easier when I’m taking care of myself! Good LUCK!

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