It’s Official : We’re Moving!

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Old Railroad Trestle Ohio - Photo by Amanda HearnI was born in the corner of Ohio that no one has ever heard of. It’s rural, generally boring and about two hours from the nearest city, but it’s beautiful and my home. The photo to the right is of an old railroad trestle – just one of the magical pieces of history I have had the pleasure of enjoying here. I was born in this area, moved around as part of a military family, moved home, left, swore I’d never come back… and then I moved back again, settled down and started a family. I have grown to love and appreciate this area in a way that I never thought I would, but I am ready to start a new journey with my family.

We’ll be headed about three hours west of here to an area just outside of Cincinnati Ohio. We’ll miss our family in Southeast Ohio, but we are looking forward to new opportunities, a new community and more time spent with my husband’s siblings, our niece and nephew, and friends from years past.

I’m no moving pro, but I am enjoying finding sustainable ways to package up our belongings. We’ve done a considerable amount of downsizing (which feels great!) and I’ve been saving boxes and other packing supplies for months. Blankets, stuffed animals and soft household items also make for great packing supplies. Short of packing tape, we’re actually doing pretty well so far. Thanks to some of the great reader suggestions on my Facebook wall, I’ve been working to pack up items a box or two at a time – trying to involve the kids when they are willing. We won’t be leave for about a month, but these tips have already helped make this transition so much less stressful for all of us.

Here are just a few of the helpful moving tips that have been shared:

  • Let the kids help pack their own things. This helps the little ones know that their things are not gone but just put way. Take them with you to see the homes you are considering. It is not always easy to have them with you, but in my experience it helps them not to feel so scared. – from Elise
  • Don’t buy expensive packing material. Use your towels/dish towels to packing breakables. – from Melinda
  • If the move involves a road trip, check out to find dog parks along your route. – from KD
  • Sell. Trash and Donate. You will quickly realize that you have too much stuff and it cost to move stuff that you don’t really want, but yet not ready to move. Its a cleanse process. – from Melinda
  • Let the kids decorate a box or two that has the sheets, pillows and blankets for everyone’s bed and towels for each person. – from Kate
  • Pack one box of must haves… Sheets and pillowcases for each bed, shower curtain, kiddos favorite cup, dog bowls. After moving everything else in, you will not want to search through ten boxes just to find the things you need to get in bed! Open one box and leave the rest for tomorrow! – from Ashley
  • Keep the path of packing things you can live without. It gets easier and easier to live without stuff. Then. Moving day put everything in the car you’ll use immediately to come out first. – from Heather

I want to thank you all so much for the moving tips – please continue to post more below if you have them! If you happen to live in or near Cincinnati, I’d love to hear any tips on finding natural living resources, areas, shops, etc. I am so excited about our new path and excited for my first post from Cincinnati!

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  • Ooh, where are you heading to in the Cincinnati area? My husband and I lived in Fairfield our first year of marriage. We LOVE the Cincinnati area!!! We live in Salt Lake City now and love the west but we have always said if we had to live in the midwest the only place we would be happy is Cincinnati. Hope the move goes well!

    • Thank you so much 🙂 We are looking at something in or around the Loveland area. It’s only a few short weeks away now!

  • Yay, you featured my tip!!

    Make sure you check out the Cincinnati zoo! My sister works there and it is fabulous!!

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