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My thoughts on The Greater Good

***By popular demand, this is going to be available until Wednesday November 9th to view for free***

I spoke to you earlier in the week about The Greater Good, a documentary about vaccines.  I want to take a moment now to share some of my impressions from the film.

What I saw from the film was a clear position that it is all about vaccine safety.  I think that any person and/or parent can appreciate that.  It’s a position that I feel accurately represents me and my thoughts, feeling, fears and hopes regarding vaccines.

I am not anti-vaccinations.  I am however pro-quality and safe ingredients.  Just as I am in any and all areas of my family’s life.  I care about the cleaners I use on our home’s surfaces, the bath products used on our skin and the foods that go into our mouths.  It is very natural for me to have concern and scrutiny over items that will be literally injected into our bodies.  I want to know that they are safe for my children in that aspect.

I am wanting to say something here regarding the history and long length of use of vaccines and how that equates to safety, but I’m coming up short.  Just because something has been around for a long time doesn’t make it safe.  I have seen that in many of the products that I fled from in my journey to a healthier life.  Many people have been vaccinated over the years, most have no ill effects, and then there are those who do.  We are living in a generation of people that have many concerns over potential effects.

My thoughts on the following portion were really inspired by this quote from Dr. Paul Offit, MD – Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases – The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.  He was speaking of the Gardasil vaccine, which after just 15 months, of a planned 4 year trial, was approved for fast tracking by the FDA.  It was approved for use within six months and the trial was brought to a halt as a result.

“That you got a vaccine and that then you developed symptoms doesn’t necessarily mean that the vaccine caused the symptoms.  There is no evidence that HPV vaccine causes any of the serious side effects that it has been alleged to cause.  It’s a beautiful vaccine, it’s safe, effective.  It doesn’t matter what people say.  It really doesn’t matter what people’s opinions are.  All you have to do is look at the data, and the data, I think, will tell you how one should approach a problem.

To that I say, TEST THEM!  Give us real, complete data!  Test the ingredients, one by one, in thorough trials, in doses that mimic those of the vaccine schedule, by themselves against true placebos – saline.  Then test the vaccines against true placebos*.  Without controlled studies, claims of side effects can be easily dismissed, whether related to the vaccines or not.  I think we need to document these reactions and know if there is a link or not.

*If you missed it in the movie, many vaccines are tested against placebos that are the aluminum, mercury or even a different vaccine.  Per this study that can be found at (view the full study with a paid subscription).

When we are talking about injecting chemicals into hundreds of thousands of bodies, numerous times, we need to be confident in their safety.  If they are safe, great!  We can eliminate that possible cause for the questions and concerns we have and begin to look elsewhere.  If not, we can work to improve them and make them safe.  Win – win – win…. WIN!

Don’t miss your chance to see this great movie for free!  The Greater Good is available to watch, for free through the end of today at  In addition to being available online, you can support the film by purchasing your very own copy for just $10, information also at the link above.  I can’t wait to get my copy!

When you’re done, come back here and let me know your thoughts.  Thank you for watching with me!

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