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I was quite nervous, but I went on MomsEveryday (they work with local TV stations) to talk about non-toxic feminine care options. While it’s not a topic I ever envisioned myself discussing in public (Seriously, I was too embarrassed to buy my own tampons until I was in college!), I feel that it is too important a topic not to.  I encourage you to share this post with others and help them become aware of the dangers of traditional products and the benefits of more sustainable options.  Non-toxic and more convenient – it’s a win-win!

Unfortunately (or fortunately? you be the judge!) I only got 2 minutes to touch on the topic, but you can read more at the links below.

Natural Feminine Care Guide, including type of products and information on the toxins in traditional products. (Printable option for sharing too!  This would be great to give pre-teens and teens!)

Q&A About Styles of Products, some of this information can be found in the above link as well.

Information about Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) and how natural feminine care options can eliminate the risk.

Free Cloth Pad Patterns A quick DIY project that will make a big impact!


Has a natural, non-toxic approach to feminine care changed your life?  I’d love to hear about it!

Have a question? I’d be happy to answer!

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  • I would be nervous about being on camera too. You did great! It’s too bad you didn’t get a chance to show your cloth pad designs, because they are amazing. Seeing the menstrual cup made me feel guilty. I have had one since before Little Man was born and, up to today, I am still too chicken to try it out. I feel like I am twelve again! Maybe I will get up the nerve one of these days. Thanks again for writing about this topic!

  • Good job! I love using my Diva Cup~ as much as you can love that sort of thing. It is easy and I never have to buy anything. Win/win. I made me some cloth pads and I am they first to admit they are rather homemade and not in the good way. Maybe I will check out your tutorial and make some more. Thanks!!

    • Thanks Brenna. It was very nervous, but it was worth it to get the information out. Hopefully someone sees it and gives it a shot.

      Regarding cup issues – you may try a different brand. I have both a Diva Cup and Lunette Cup, and while they look very similar, I can tell that there is a difference in fit. I’m sure that the same would hold true with other brands. Some are slightly shorter/longer and/or made out of softer/harder silicone (or rubber like the Keeper). You may just need to find which fits you best.

  • Amanda,
    Which one do you prefer? I was thinking of getting lunette. But I’m waiting to hear back from them regarding fit. My trouble is that I’ve had two kids and have a heavy flow. But I also can easily reach my cervix and my uterus is tilted. So I still can’t determine which size I would need. I’m not even sure if a cup can be comfortable for me at all, with my situation. But I hope so! Tampons have never worked for me (as in they literally don’t stop the flow…I just go around them ) and I’m soooo tired of pads.

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