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Nursing Pad Roses Tutorial { Baby Shower Gift Idea }

Nursing Pad RosesNo truly Fuffin’ Awesome baby shower is complete without a little something for mom. This “rose” bouquet made out of reusable nursing pads adds a little style to function. For this project we are using Bamboobies brand nursing pads. They are incredibly thin, absorbent and invisible when worn. Add a few breastfeeding must-haves and you have a perfect gift!

All you’ll need are a few supplies!

Bamboobie Nursing Pad RosesHow to:

Fold your nursing pad in half – but a little off kilter – as seen in the picture to the right.

Begin rolling the nursing pad from the wides part to the narrowest. Roll securely and tightly at the bottom of the “rose”, but try to allow the top a bit of freedom.

Once your nursing pad is fully rolled, secure it by tightly wrapping a piece of wire around it. Twist to secure and tighten. I found that wrapping twice gave me enough leverage to tighten easily. Be sure to leave enough wire for a stem. (You can use a thicker wire, chopstick or other item wrapped in floral wire to create a pretty stem if yours will be visible – for this project that won’t be needed.)

Wrap the bottom of your rose with floral tape to conceal the wire and give it a flowery look.

Repeat these steps for your remaining pads and then use a piece of wire or tape to secure the roses into a bouquet.

Finish the look with a piece of tissue paper folded square. Wrap like a traditional bouquet and secure with a piece of ribbon, yard or even a strip of the floral tape.

Gift to a friend alone (it’s a great gift) or with a few of my breastfeeding favorites:

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