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Pokémon GO: PokéBanner DIY Printable Birthday Banner

Pokémon Go mania is in full swing and I’ve made a slew of Pokécentric items in anticipation of Pokémon Gopocalypse (when kids ask for e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. to reflect their current obsession.

I have several Pokémon Go printables, if you haven’t caught them all you can do so here. (See what I did there?) This page contains the files for the  Pokémon Go birthday banner, or as I like to call it, a PokéBanner.

The banner pieces are formatted to be printed on standard sized paper (8.5 x 11) and is simple to print at home. I recommend printing these on cardstock. Cut them out and string them together using ribbon or cording, with a hole punch and paperclips, tape the to a wall or table, or come up with some other awesome method entirely.

There are two banner options. I couldn’t decide if I wanted every Pokéball to be sitting in the same direction or not, so I decide to do both. One with the positing the same and the other randomized. Each file also contains a few plank Pokéballs that can be used to extend the length of the banner, however else you can imagine, or you have Photoshop, you can easily use them to add your child’s name to the banner.

Original Pokeball Birthday Banner

This file includes a single PDF with the Original PokéBanner with Identically Positioned Pokéballs as well as PokéBanner with Randomly Positioned Pokéballs + blanks.

If you have any issues with the cart here, Printale Pokémon Birthday Banner is also available in my Etsy shop.

Pokeball Birthday Banner 8 Ball Types!

This file includes PDFs with the Original PokéBanner as well as 7 other ball types! (great, ultra, premier, heavy, master, nest, & cherish).


This file is for personal use only. It is not to be sold or used for commercial purposes in any way, shape, or form. Due to the digital nature of this item, sales are non-refundable. If you have issues finding the email sent to you with download links, please email me.

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