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Pregnancy & Beyond

Pregnancy, birth and related topics are subjects that I have been asked to discuss for a while now here on The Eco-Friendly Family. I have had three children myself, so I do know a thing or two and will happily share, but I do not consider myself an expert. For that reason, I am so excited to be introducing you to Danielle Bergum of Esali Birth. Danielle is a local-to-me perinatal educator who has an expertise in natural childbirth processes and beyond. She will be contributing posts here to share her expert knowledge on these subjects with all of you. I hope that you all look forward to seeing her articles here and please feel free to comment or email me any specific topics that you would like to see covered by Danielle or myself.

While Danielle’s focus is on the natural birthing process, please know that any information shared here is not meant to say that any mother’s choice is bad or wrong. I myself have had three births in a hospital, two spontaneous ruptures and one in which my water was broken (though I regret allowing that to happen now). I was able to go epidural free, though make no mistake around 8cm I was asking for “the drugs” while being thankful that I couldn’t have them (nuts right?). Pregnancy, delivery and postpartum care are very personal and also so important for our experiences as women and as mothers. These posts are an effort to help educate women and their partners about how to make the experience as positive and healthy as possible for all involved. Simply understanding the female body and how it was designed to work can be so empowering and it is for that reason, among others, that I have invited Danielle here to share her passion and knowledge with you.

A word from Danielle,

Thank you for giving me this opportunity; I think TEFF is the perfect place to share knowledge about the biological processes of the perinatal stages. I am passionate about sharing truth so that mothers can own their births, make fully informed decisions, and truly understand their perinatal experiences. With this knowledge, we have the power to take control of our situations and this allows families to have a positive memory of their birth, no matter how it plays out. I look forward to sharing my experiences and the resources I’ve come to love and appreciate, as I have been on the other side of the decisions as well and would have been lost without someone else’s guiding heart.
Delightfully Yours,


Please give a warm welcome to Danielle Bergum of Esali Birth and expect to see her first post here later today! If you have any topics or questions, please post them below and if you  just can’t wait to read her first post you can find a beautifully written article The Seasons of Pregnancy by Danielle in the most recent issue of Kaia Magazine.

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