Softcup Menstrual Cup Review

Meet the Instead Softcup, a disposable menstrual cup. To be honest with you, I debated whether or not to review the Softcup because of its disposable nature. While they now offer a reusable option, it is still meant to be a disposable product. The ‘reusable’ cup is meant only for a single period and the regular Softcup is to be disposed of after each use.

When it came down to it, I decided to do the review because, above all else, my hope is that all women use safe products and know their options. I believe that the Softcup is a safe alternative to traditional tampons and pads that use non-organic cotton and synthetic fibers and is a good option for women choosing safe & healthy feminine hygiene products.

I was a long time tampon user and when the idea of “menstrual cups” came up it wasn’t really something that I jumped up to check out right away. I kept hearing about them and how great they were and eventually my curiosity got the best of me – and I’m so thankful that it did! My first cup was a silicone type. While the SoftCup has shape and fit differences, it shares many of the same benefits.

Cups are eco-friendly, super convenient, comfortable and above all else menstrual cups are safe. They don’t contain the toxins that most disposable products do, some of which have been linked to Endometriosis, fertility issues and even cancer. They also have no known link to Toxic Shock Syndrome, which can be deadly and difficult to recognize.

In addition to those amazing qualities, the Softcup is easy to use. The first thing I noticed was that the Softcup is inserted differently than a tampon or silicone menstrual cup. Perhaps this is an odd analogy but when you are sitting think of the cup as a “drawer” (yea, like cabinetry). To insert the Softcup you will squeeze the sides of the band to flatten the ‘O’ and then insert being sure to get the cup just behind the cervix and then tilting the front of the band up slightly to get a secure fit. To remove you’ll just slip your finger under the rim of the cup and pull it out level (kind of like a drawer). Once removed you can simply empty the cup.  If that didn’t make any sense, check out the video demonstration below:


The Instead Softcup can be worn for up to 12 hours (convenient!), is great for swimming, sports and any other strenuous activities – like sex. Yes ladies – sex. Unlike any other menstrual product you can have sex with the Softcup in. As you saw in the video above, the Softcup is made up primarily of a very thin, pliable layer of material and fits similarly to the way a diaphragm does – allowing you to enjoy a mess-free sexual relationship with your partner if you choose.

As they say, “Softcups have no wings, no strings . . . just freedom!”

The Softcup is available in two styles – Disposable (single use) and Reusable (use for a single cycle and then dispose). The two cups are virtually identical, with the exception of the material that they are made from – and the color.  Check out the photo and clip below to see the two side by side.


I think that the Softcup is a great option for women. I love the benefits over traditional products – hands down. I find the cups to be very comfortable. Once inserted, I don’t notice it a bit.  It is basically all but forgotten – which is fantastic. Who wants to worry about their menstrual product all day?  Another nice thing about the Softcup is how extremely easy it is to insert – no folding, twisting, or fidgeting – simply squeeze, insert, done. The ease of insertion is definitely nice for anyone who may be worried about the use of slightly more complicated products. Something else worth noting is that these products can be found basically anywhere. I even spotted them at my local, small town grocer!

What I didn’t care for was the removal of the cup. I felt a bit of pressure when removing the cup and I found it to be a little messy. I didn’t spill anything or get anything on me, it was just the general size and surface area of the cup that allowed for a bit more to clean than I am use to. For the disposable product, I see no issue with this. Removal was simple so tossing it into the waste would be a breeze and ideal for when a woman may need to empty the cup in public or that are completely uninterested in a reusable product.  The reusable version would not be quite as simple to use and rinse in public – though a small squirt water bottle could be handy to have for in-stall rinsing.

If you have any questions about the Instead Softcup please post them below and I will do my best to answer them. If you have used the product, please join the conversation and share your experience!

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  • I bet it would be a good option for travel – especially in disgusting bathrooms where you can’t wash out your reusable cup as freely!

  • I found these at Wal-mart and decided to give them a try. I was actually using the disposable and rinsing it out for my entire period.

    Pros: I can wear these before I start and don’t have to worry about accidents or toxic shock syndrome. Plus, you really can have sex while wearing one, I tried it. I was told that he didn’t even notice (the first time I said something, after that I didn’t). Insertion and removal was never an issue for me, but I’ve also been using applicator free tampons my entire life. Also, there is never any smell or lack of freshness, especially on the light days when a tampon is not an option. And finally, I loved only using one product per month, rather than a whole box of tampons/pads.

    Cons: I have a very heavy first two days of my period and the cup had some leakage even when emptied on a regular (2 hour) basis. I eventually purchased a Diva Cup instead which does a much better job at staying in place and not leaking. With any menstrual cup, emptying and reinserting in public restrooms is somewhat of a hassle. I end up using a lot of toilet paper to wipe my hands before exiting the stall and washing them with soap and water. Of course, at home, I can stay seated on the toilet and rinse the cup in the sink without the additional TP waste.

    On a whole I would recommend any menstrual cup over pads/tampons any day of the month. I additionally use reusable pads as backup to my cup. I bought mine on Etsy but there are some on Amazon as well. I bought a pack of 6 and I throw them in the laundry with everything else.

    • I purchased a box of disposable latex gloves to keep with my Soft Cups. When you go pull the cup out, put on one of the gloves, reach in, grab the cup, palm it, then slide your index finger from your free hand under the gloved hand at the wrist. Gently pull the wrist of the glove up and over the “dirty” Soft Cup until it is completely folded away inside your inside-out glove. MUCH cleaner and makes for handy disposal!

      • i thought of using gloves too! but then i thought maybe the waste of disposable gloves cancels out the eco-friendliness of the cup…but for as infrequently as you may need to change them in public, it is probably worth it. ?? Seriously considering trying these out especially as I may need something during my trip to mexico.

      • I’ve been doing this exact thing for about 15 years now. I’ve been researching the non-disposable cups, but, can’t imagine not just bundling the used cup up in my glove with no mess. It’s so dang easy.

    • You can’t make a baby during your period. You bleed because the egg didn’t attach this time.

      • Yes you can the egg didn’t get fertalized and basically dies out. However you have other eggs that can be fertalized. If your not trying to get pregnant you should always use protection even on your period.

        • The only reason they say you can get pregnant on your period is because some women have periods every three weeks or two weeks. Otherwise, when you have a very regular period every month, you can’t get pregnant unless it’s at the end of your cycle, and even then it’s still unlikely. That’s just something they like to tell people since there are exceptions, but if your period is normal, you won’t get pregnant.

    • Seriously? Never mind that you can’t get pregnant during your period – You really think a barrier device that’s basically the same as diaphragm birth control is effective when trying to get pregnant? Wow…

      • they mean that after he ejaculates inside you then use the cup to KEEP it in there.

      • First of all, while much less likely, it is possible to conceive from having sex during your period, depending on the circumstances. Second, the box says on it that it is not an effective method of birth control.

        • Yes you are right it is possible to conceive while on your period as it happened to me as i thought you couldn’t get pregnant on your period but you can as the dr told me the sperm lives inside you for 7 days, so there you go ladies. Don’t risk it if you don’t want to become up the duff unexpectedly.

    • They are used not during your period, but during your ovulation. And instead of putting it in before you have sex, you have sex without it in, then put it in after to “trap” the sperm against your cervix, giving more of them a better chance to fertilize an egg.

        • OK ladies……I am new to the soft cup. I am not as worried about using them as much as I am wearing one during sex. So here I go…. I’m gunna give this new freedom thing a try. Thank you all so much for the reviews. They were all very helpful.

    • The SoftCup is NOT meant to be used as birth control! You CAN get pregnant on your period. Don’t take my word for it, go see your OBGYN and they will tell you the same.

  • I haven’t tried them yet but I’m curious, the fact you can have sex with them is a plus. The reusable soft cup is more attractive to me even though I wish they would make one more durable. I sell them on my store for 5.60€ for a pack of 2.

  • I tried these a few years back thinking they would be a diva cup or keeper alternative. I didn’t like it. 🙁 I had major problems with leaks and couldn’t really get past that aspect to see anything positive about it.

  • The reason Softcup came out with a one-cycle “reusable” cup is because women were already using a softcup for a whole cycle! I bought a packet over two years ago, before there was such a distinction, and I have yet to run out. I just wash it thoroughly and store it in a cotton pouch between cycles, same as my Diva cup. (Admittedly I only use softcups for sex, so I end up wearing it about two nights per cycle.)
    Watching the video, it is very clear that the new “original” Softcups are much flimsier than the ones I bought two years ago. The new cup is completely see-through! I have one of the old ones in my hand right now, and there’s no way I could see my fingernail through it– more like a fuzzy finger-shaped object.
    Then again, the reusable one is sturdier-looking than the old ones.

    • I was thinking of using the reusable softcup the same way you did, only for sex, and a regular menstrual cup the rest of the time – since you only used it about twice per cycle, would you save it for the next cycle and use the same cup for multiple cycles? they say the reusable cup is meant to last one cycle but if i’m only using it even half the time, can i use it for another cycle too? thanks!

      • I would be concerned about the ability (or lack there of) to wash the Softcup well enough to save for a next cycle. That’s to say that you couldn’t try it (though, I’m sure they don’t recommend it), but I’d be carefully to clean it very well if you do.

  • Well I have to say these cup DO NOT WORK!they are messy and they do leak each name brand of the menstrual cups says you can wear them for 12 hours infant it’s not true, when I use the cup while inserted properly it leaks within 30 minutes and it’s extremely messy the truth is is that these cups are not meant for heavy blender and if you think about it the cup is not capable of holding that much blood in a 12 hours period it’s impossible! If a woman bleeds for 7days while using the cup it should cut her time short by 3days if the cup itself could hold your flow for 12hours now,I think these cups should be made to suit the type of flow each woman has lite,moderate, heavy,or extremely heavy flow and each cup should have different sizes….the cup is a fantastic idea but it’s was not made with the intention that every woman’s body us not the same and we all have different types of menstrual cycles

    • So I thought it might might be good to add– the soft cup isn’t supposed to hold 12 hours’ worth of period blood, it’s safe to have it in for up to 12 hours. On the website, it says that you’ll probably have to change it more frequently, depending on your flow. Just saying. 🙂

    • So I thought it might might be good to add– the soft cup isn’t supposed to hold 12 hours’ worth of period blood, it’s safe to have it in for up to 12 hours. On the website, it says that you’ll probably have to change it more frequently, depending on your flow. Just saying. 🙂

    • So I thought it might might be good to add– the soft cup isn’t supposed to hold 12 hours’ worth of period blood, it’s safe to have it in for up to 12 hours. On the website, it says that you’ll probably have to change it more frequently, depending on your flow. Just saying. 🙂

  • I bought these because I wanted to try out a menstrual cup before buying something more reusable (and expensive) and happened to see them at my local drug store. My flow is on the lighter end, even at its heaviest; I could easily wear this for 12 hours on the first day of my period without any problems. I have read that there is sometimes some leakage when you go to the bathroom with it in, but I haven’t had any issues with that yet. I definitely like that it can be used during sex, too. I do plan on buying a Divacup or something similar, but I expect I’ll keep some Softcups around, since they can do a few things that other menstrual cups can’t.

    As a side note: I used a Nuvaring for about five years, and, while the Softcup is slightly larger and a bit more rigid, insertion was essentially the same, which made it pretty easy for me to get used to.

    • Thanks for saying that 🙂 I used the nuva ring too and didn’t mind it at all. Haven’t tried the soft cup yet.

  • I like how the cups are designed, however I have an abnormally short vagina and large cervix. The softcup is not a one size fits most thing. Even inserted properly I could still feel it, though not as bad as a Tampon. I have no idea how people can sex with these things and the guy not feel a thing.

    • My guy can feel it during sex. I can too. I also have a hard time inserting and taking it out sometimes I think it’ll never come out! I do like them because they don’t keep me feeling fresher. If I get it in just right I feel nothing. Please email me with you’re comments since I most likely won’t visit this site again.

  • do these things actually worj and what would be the difference bwtween this and the diva cup?

    • ive been using them about 5 cycles now. sometimes it leaks, but i honestly believe its a placement issue, it does take some time to find the right spot to leave it. the difference i find between the 2 items, is that, they are shaped totally different, one is a flat disk shape, one is more of a odd shot glass shape. ive tried a couple shaped like the diva cup, but i find the stem to irritate my walls inside. where as the softcup ring shape doesnt have that. the diva is less messy to remove. some people have cut the stems off altogether but it is then harder (at least for me) to remove. i personally LOVE the shape of SoftCup, for me its easier to insert, and i didnt feel them as much as other diva cup styles. i just wish they were as “reusable” as the diva type cups are. i love the thought of 10-15 YEARS for one. but im also contacting SoftCup to see how many cycles the SoftCup CAN be used for with proper care (ie. cleaning and keeping it ventilated for storage). GL i personally LOVE these types of products!! wish they were more popular than tampons and pads!!

  • I came across SoftCup from an ad on a website I was on. Me and my boyfriend don’t see each other on a daily basis because of his career as a surgeon, so when we do see each other we are without a doubt having sex lol. I’d always be bummed when our date nights would land on my menstrual cycle, so after reading on the website that you could have sex with no mess with the cup in, I was very much intrigued! I’m 23 and have always used tampons, I was hesitant about being able to put it in correctly but voila! First try it fit perfectly and I couldn’t feel a thing. I made sure I was sitting down while inserting and pushed it in as far as it would go then made sure the front of it was up behind the pubic bone and covers my cervix. I told my bf about it and so we had sex. I was so nervous he would feel it because just sticking my finger in I could feel it. But rest assure he kept on laughing saying he couldn’t even tell it was there. We only had sex missionary as I was afraid to do crazy positions with it in. I don’t know why but for some reason sex feels even better with it in for some reason. Anyways all in all, I’ll still use tampons on my first days but then I switch to the cup. I LOVE it!! No cons at all and I’ve never had it leak, not once. I especially love it because of how safe it is in comparison to tampons and way less messy and bulky than pads. I had a very bad experience with tampons. I stupidly left one in for three weeks without knowing (long story. I had to cut the string for a specific reason and went to sleep forgetting it was there and it migrated up and went to the gyno to find I had a tampon in me for three whole weeks! I’m so lucky I never got TSS!) anyways I feel so much safer with this new alternative.

  • You said vigorous activity, would horse back riding or training work out ok? And if I have a very friable cervix it won’t mess with that either right? I am very interested in this. I hve never hear of this before but tampons are just outrageous! Price and the pain!

  • I tried the softcup last night for the first time. It was reasonably easy to insert, although weird on the first time. I didn’t trust it completely so I wore a pad too. I went to sleep and figured it would definitely leak during the night but it didn’t leak at all! I was impressed! Even tampons usually leak like half the time. The bad part tho, in my opinion, was taking it out. It was hard to get a grip on the side of the cup, and I panicked a little thinking ‘what if I can’t get it out?? ‘ but I finally got a grip on it and pulled it out, trying to keep out horizontal like the directions say.. maybe it was because it was my first time but taking it out was very messy. With pissed and tampons you can’t smell the blood but with this you definitely can and it made me nauseous. It wasn’t overall am entirely horrible experience but next time when I take it out, I’ll probably be in the shower!

    • LMAO, that’s hilarious! I definitely agree with you that they are a bit messy. That is one of the reasons I prefer the silicone ‘bell’ style cups. They aren’t messy like these tend to be. I tend to think of removing the SoftCup like pulling open a drawer, as weird as that sounds – trying to keep it level and all. So happy to hear that you had a reasonably pleasant experience despite the removal aspects, though I’m sure experience will help with that.

      • Although this is an older post I think I will reply anyway as to help other new users of this product or women considering the use of this product. Yes, you definitely have to be comfortable with your body in order to use the Softcup. But on the contrary to the above experience with removal & the “smell” I would be a bit concerned myself if I were to remove a Softcup & “smell” the blood more than with the use of a pad or tampon. As blood doesn’t “smell” as stated until it is exposed to the air & starts to decompose. As nasty as that sounds truth be told. You should “smell” more of an unpleasant odor when using tampons or pads. Not so much with a Softcup or any other type “Cup” placed within the vaginal canal. As the blood isn’t exposed to the air until you remove the cup. 1st time users may have issues with spillage, or “messes” but that should get better with use & learning to keep the cup level & slow & steady removal techniques. Anyone who smells unpleasant blood with a cup in my opinion should see their doctor just to be sure there is no underlying issues as this is not what I would consider to be normal.

        I am a Certified Medical Assistant & 1st time user of Softcup in Ohio

        • Megan K didn’t say *unpleasant* blood per se, she just said blood. I can understand where she is coming from as it sometimes smells a little irony/metallic to me when I remove the Softcup on my heavier flow days (as opposed to the smell of old oxidized blood). Maybe you should think about becoming a MD/DO/NP/PA before dispensing unsolicited medical advice.

  • I just picked some of these up from Walmart. I put it in as far as I could and made sure it was up behind my pubic bone. Couldn’t feel a thing! I was so excited. But about 5 minutes later I cough and could feel it slipping out. Went and checked on it, sure enough it had popped out from behind my public bone. Pushed it back up and the same thing happened just a short while later (minus the cough), I’m so bummed. Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong?! I have a feeling it just doesn’t fit. I don’t feel like I’m getting it in far enough.

    • Amber, you are probably going “up” rather than at the correct flat angle. You might try sitting on the edge of the bathtub rather than the toilet, and be sure that you are going straight back rather than up. Think of it as trying to keep the Softcup parallel to the floor.

  • Thanks for the review! I am thinking of trying menstrual cups. I have a love/hate relationship with tampons but feared the messiness of dealing with a menstrual cup. I’ve heard a lot of great things about them. Looking forward to trying one 🙂

  • Hello all I have been interested in using the softcup after seeing it in Walgreens. I told my friends about it and to be truthful I that it was a gross idea but my curiosity is getting the better of me. Saying that I had a few questions with tampons I tend to get stomach pains when using then will that happen with the cup? Can it shift n u sit or stand up? If youp push it in to far is it easy to get out? I’m willing to give this a shot but scared at Tue same time, .I started out with using pads as a teen and then my sister got me to us tampons and I never looked back I hope I can say the same for these.

    • tampons absorb, so they tend to make u dry and plus all the chemicals in them (and pads) could have been the cause of pain. some cramps are natural, its just part of the prepossess. it does move with u, but its not just going to fall out, as long as u have it placed right, and it does take a min to learn the right spot. ive been using about 5 cycles now and some times leak, it might be harder for me tho, i have arthritis in my spin so bending is always easy for me.
      the directions say to hook ur finger up and pull out… i personally find it (altho more messy) to hook ur finger down and pull out… its not hard to get it, unless u have short fingers, or your deeper in others… id say im avg. on both and its easy. Good luck .. i LOVE them

  • Hello all I have been interested in using the softcup after seeing it in Walgreens. I told my friends about it and to be truthful I that it was a gross idea but my curiosity is getting the better of me. Saying that I had a few questions with tampons I tend to get stomach pains when using then will that happen with the cup? Can it shift n u sit or stand up? If youp push it in to far is it easy to get out? I’m willing to give this a shot but scared at Tue same time, .I started out with using pads as a teen and then my sister got me to us tampons and I never looked back I hope I can say the same for these. When you pee can it be pushed out?

  • I just went to the store today and bought my first ever cup. I’m 30 years old and thought I with the times, but boy was I wrong. I heard of these products while reading a bicyclist column. I had never heard of such a thing and had to investigate. I was hesitant to spend 30.00 on a product that may last for 10 years but if I didn’t like it what’s the point? I found this product online and was pretty psyched. 9.00 I could spend to see if the others would be worth the investment. I went to my local walgreens and found it on thr top shelf next to the lube. I went home, read the instructions and walaa had it in in no time. I even took it out to see what it would be like in n the non comfort of home. Today is day 1 of my cycle and It seems to be one of the best things to date that I have spent money on. I feel that every young woman should be introduced to this product.

  • I am a long time Diva Cup user (10 years). I was caught off guard with an early period while out of town so I purchased a box of Soft Cups (since using the Diva Cup I swore I would never go back to tampons). I was pleased with the Soft Cups and now keep them in my purse and gym bag just in case. I still prefer the Diva Cup, but this is definitely my second option. I plan on taking them camping since washing the Diva Cup is not ideal in those situations.

    Great review.

  • First off the idea is great , however the product not so great . Now if you are someone who doesn’t have a heavy period , this might be the best product ever! But if you are like me , then buyer beware . This product leaks , it is messy, if you are at all weak upon the sight of blood , you will not like this product. The bathroom looks like a murder has taken place in the toilet. I have gone through several panties and a few pairs of pants . Am I putting it in wrong ? I asked my self that too, however i have read the directions and i have watched every freaking tutorial there is , at this point , I might as well have nothing on or in . Maybe , there is something wonky with my internal plumbing , but at 36 and after two kids I think I would know. All I am saying is if you try this product wear back up !!!!

    • I tried a cup about 12 yrs ago, I don’t remember the brand but I don’t think there were many back then and it leaked on me no matter what I did. I called the 800 number on the box and the woman said that if I had a tipped uterus it would probably leak and so the cups don’t work for women like me. of course it doesn’t say that on the box! I would like to try one of the new ones but after reading your comment I’m not sure I want to spend the money…

      • I agree with RC, the soft cup is not a “one-size-fits-all” design, whereas some of the reusable cups like diva cup and lunette cups have different sizes.

        And if you do have a tipped or shallow or retroverted uterus, that can be a reason why it’s leaking. Maybe you could look into a different menstrual cup and see if that works?

        I’ve had good luck with the Soft Cup so far personally, it took some practice at first to get the hang out of it, but even on a really heavy day I had very minimal leakage and I changed it out every 4-5 hours

        • How do you know what size you will be with the Diva cup or the other cup you speak of? I have been ‘trying’ soft cup for years now randomly and and it never fails to leak on me. My mom had a tilted uterus, and I think the gyno may have mentioned it once very briefly but didn’t say much about it. Anyways, how am I supposed to determine my size without spending a fortune? Thanks!

          PS: Have you had better luck with the Diva Cup with leaking? I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to never see a tampon again.


          • To help determine your size, next time you’re on your period use one of your fingers and insert it up until you can feel your cervix. When you pull your finger out you can note where the blood stops on your finger, and after washing your hands, get an approximate number of inches with a ruler. This way you’ll know how much room there is between your cervix and the entrance to your vagina and can choose a cup that fits within those parameters. My assumption (I have yet to get my divacup) is that you don’t want it to be too big.

  • I had been curious about the Diva cup for a while but had never acted on my curiosity. Then, last month, I saw a box of SoftCups in my local CVS and thought I’d give it a try. This morning, I got my chance for the first time.

    I inserted the cup with no problems whatsoever. However, I did not see the instructions in the box (they are placed at the bottom, beneath all the product. Seriously??) and so I thought, “just like a diaphragm!” only to read later that it should, in fact, not be inserted like a diaphragm. I had no intention of leaving it in for 12 hours, especially on the first full day of my cycle and the first time using the SoftCup, and changed it after about 6 hours. I experienced very slight leakage during urination and, like the instructions said, no other leakage at all. However, while insertion was a breeze it was a little challenging, and pretty messy, to remove. I had a moment of panic (after all, I’d just read that I’d inserted it wrong to begin with — I was now afraid I wouldn’t be able to get it out!) but really my problem was with the mess. Luckily I was at home, in the privacy of my own bathroom.

    Despite the mess I will use them again. I haven’t seen the thicker ones that are intended to be used for the duration of a single cycle, but I will probably try those if I see them. If the mess continues to be problematic, and if the cup doesn’t really hold up to my heavy days, then I will definitely go out now and try the Diva (assuming I like the Diva, I imagine I’ll use those primarily and use the SoftCup for backup).

    • I’m glad you gave these a try. I do love the silicone cups better but these are a great option too, despite the tricky removal. If given the choice of this or a tampon, I’d choose the SoftCup every time.

  • Great review. For particular reasons of my own, I like pads and I’ll keep to them. But I’m definitely going to tell my mom about this. I’d never heard of this and neither has she, and my mom being a long time user of tampons is at risk for TSS; I don’t want her to get sick, so this sounds as a great alternative replacement for her.

    • There is still a risk of TSS using the soft cup.
      There have been documented cases of men dying from TSS, it is not exclusive to Tampon users.

  • Why do you have to throw away the reusable Softcup after one cycle? Why not just re-use it again and again?

    • Answer one: because if they told you you could use it again, they would make less money.

      Answer two: you can, and I have. I’ve used a single “disposable” Instrad cup for multiple cycles. Just store it in a breathable bag between cycles if you plan to do that.

  • I am trying this product for the first time. I hate, hate, hate pads and tampons so I am hoping this works well for me.

    I have a very stupid question. When I am using a tampon, I know that blood when I wipe means I need to change. With this, does that mean I have it in wrong or that I might need to change it? Or is it normal?

    • leakage when u pee is normal, as long as its not like “omg did i not put anything in” then it should be fine to leave in and not leak, (unless the 12hr mark is close) if in doubt just check it, and tuck it back if its slipped a little. u dont have to take it out to check.
      that has happened to me too, and i wondered the same, ive been using for 5 cycles and its worked grate so far!!

  • I just tried my first ever softcup – after trying with the mooncup, and always having problems – and I loved it. No leaks, no problems, nothing at all. I’d rather it wasn’t disposable, but it’s better than tampons, and my failed attempt with the mooncup. yeah! Def recommend people to give it a go.

  • I wanted to try a cup for awhile so I bought the Softcup at Wal Mart today. I put it in about four hours ago and so far so good. I took a bath and went to the bathroom with no leaks. I am interested to see how it does over the next couple of days since those are my heaviest. If it does well I’ll keep using it.

  • I just started using the Softcup and honestly, I have a love/hate relationship with it. I love the fact that it allows me to forget that I am on my period for about 5 hours, but I really hate the fact that 1.) It leaks far too much…Even when it isn’t anywhere near full! 2.) You can’t exactly sleep in these things….I have tried and the stupid thing leaked..luckily I had an overnight pad to back me up. 3.) It’s tricky just to insert the thing right. 4.) It’s sooo messy. To be honest it is a pain wearing these things. It almost makes me regret spending five bucks just buying these things. I don’t see how a woman can have sex with these things in….it doesn’t go far back enough to even say hello to sex. I really have to give this product one star….I would rather use tampons and pads. So much better than the soft cup.

  • I’ve just tried softcup for the first time. I have mixed feelings about them. I have heavy periods and usually go through a super+ tampon in about 2 hours. Well the softcup did not leak overnight, 9 hours. Now thinking around during the day, about 6 hours and I noticed during urination that it was leaking. No big deal 6 hours is good, but it’s in the removal that my mixed feelings begin. The moment my finger made contact with the rim it poured out. It was so messy and if this is the way it’s going to be then I don’t think I’ll be able to make the switch. I’m hoping that it’s a learning curve and maybe I tipped it without realizing or it was overly full. I wanted to love it because it’s comfortable and works better than tampons which I’ve always had to backup with pads anyway. I’ll keep trying… Do others have an easier time with the removal?.. I’d like to know if anyone else struggled with the mess but eventually got it to work in a cleaner manner.

    • There can definitely be a learning curve for any cup. I found the SoftCup to be messiest of the cups I have tried (though all others I’ve tried are a more ‘bell’ shaped silicone cup). You might give one of them a try. They are very easy to use and the removal is much simpler, in my opinion.

  • I am on my first cycle with Softcup and so far I love it. I am not squeamish about my body but can see how it might freak some people out. I tried the Diva cup a few years ago and found it painful and leaky (I gave it 3 cycles to see if it got better and it never did)- figured it was an anatomy issue. I had a coupon for the Softcup so I decided to try it and I couldn’t be more pleased.

    As I have gotten older my (always pretty heavy) periods have become seriously heavy – super tampon every 2 hours heavy feeling like I am hemorrhaging (ha). I hated dealing with having to wear tampons and pads all the time especially at work.

    Here is the TMI portion: The softcup was easy for me to insert and I have not had 1 leak. I read some reviews before I used it and found that you can expel some of the blood by bearing down while sitting on the toilet without having to remove it. I tried it on a very heavy day and was able to do just that – it was a surprisingly easy maneuver then it went right back to the correct position (I checked it just in case). I have had no leaks overnight and I LOVE waking up in the morning and not having to deal with the gush and I have time to wake up before I have to deal with it so I am not so bleary-eyed. Removing it has not been a problem for me- I have had no trouble reaching it and as long as you keep it level it does not spill. I would not want to deal with removing or changing it in a public restroom but I should not have to as I can empty it some while on the toilet hands free. I have been using 1 cup over 24 hours and cleaning it once during that time. I may try using one longer on my next cycle. I have not had sex with it in but now that I am past my heaviest days I will give it a go. My sex drive disappears during PMS but comes roaring back after a day or 2 on my period so my husband should be thrilled!

    I am planning to keep using it and like another poster said I am having that Elaine feeling of wanting to stockpile them in case they get hard to find.

  • I love Instead SoftCups but I’m also a NuvaRing user. Since my period overlaps I have both in at once. I can put in the NuvaRing first, then the softcup. Sometimes they come out together with the NuvaRing sitting inside the cup along the inside pink liner.

    My main concern and question is this: Is wearing a softcup slightly housing the NuvaRing making the NuvaRing ineffective? I’ve been surfing online all night with no answer.


    • the Nuva Ring only works if it is against the tissue, therefore if it goes inside the softcup it will have reduced effectiveness. The best bet would actually be to ask the pharmacist. However, you would probably have better luck with inserting the cup first, then the ring, using the ‘bear down to empty’ trick and when you finally do remove the cup, you will need to reinsert the ring (which is not a problem for protection so long as you insert it right away).

  • Ever since I’ve tried to have sex with the soft cup, I’ve been in pain. It hurts to wear, to put in, to take out, etc. This is my first period using them and I would LOVE to continue, but I don’t know what happened. My husband and I had to stop sex because of the pain (and we really were gentle). Any ideas? 🙁 I’m so upset about this.

    • I am on extreme amounts of pain after a few hours of wearing the soft cup. I have triple quadruple checked that I put them in right. Down and back, and as far as it can go, popped up under my pubic bone. Easy to put in and remove. I have no pain during insertion or removable. Just from wearing them and walking around. At first after maybe 30 minutes it just feels like I constantly need to expel gas or have a bowl movement. Then eventually it hurts to laugh, sit in my drivers seat, walk more than across my house. After trying to make it work for 2 days with no leaks for 12 hours at a time, I had to switch to a tampon, and the walls inside were extremely tender. I’m going to have to switch to a pad and let it be for a bit I think.

  • I must just have an extremely heavy flow because every type of cup I’ve ever tried to use has had issues with leaks. I really wanted to love the softcup but it just wasn’t to be… I also wonder if something about the way I hold myself when I sit is unusual because if I’ve been reclining for a while, when I stand up there is a heavy gush. This one was a particularly bad offender for this. If you have a normal flow, I found this one incredibly comfortable and easy to use. Just not for me.

    • I know it’s been awhile since you posted, but for you or any woman reading this: If you have the “sudden gush” when you stand up on your period, get checked for uterine fibroids. It may be nothing, but it’s worth getting checked out.

  • My neighbor is a happy user, for quite some time. I’m starting now. Agrees with its messy to change all the time so she said that rather changing it all the time, she can just go to the restroom and she can bear down as if she pushing for a baby and it empties through the lowest part, with no mess, and she’s good for quite some time again. She removes only before shower time, cleans and replaces it and is good for the day. And to wear a light pad just in case. I know this sounds odd to me too, but hey, tampons are sooo destructive and dirty to me.

    • I do this “bear down” also and it works great. It is also the reason why sometimes people leak if they cough or sneeze too hard

  • I really really love softcups!! I’ve always disliked tampons, the inconvenience or them and how often I have to dispose of them, as well as having to buy them. My mom found softcups for me because I couldn’t use the Lunette cup. Apparently, being young, a virgin and not used to any cup product just made it impossible for me to insert the Lunette cup.
    Softcup is much easier to insert, mostly because it’s smaller and is just more suited to slide in, I think. I will admit, I felt a little queasy the first few times I used it, but it’s in and done without any problems now. It does not have a completely leak free factor. I’ve had times where at the beginning of my cycle when my flow is heavier, I’ve sneezed or coughed and it’s broken the suction.
    I will say this: it’s a good starter for younger women wanting to try something different, but just aren’t quite ready for the whole Divacup, or something like that. It’s much easier to insert, and gave me greater comfortableness in trying out my Lunette cup again, which, with a little hassle, I was finally able to fully insert. With the softcups, I cheat a little — the disposable ones are meant for only one use, but I actually rinse and reuse them for up to two days. The only difference between the disposable and the reusable to the heaviness of the material, and I’ve found it to be better savings to just buy the disposable and use them a bit longer.
    Anyway, that’s my experience, and I’d definitely recommend Softcups to women wanting an easier transition from tampons to the menstrual cup.

  • I wanted to try a reusable cup but was hesitant due to price –what if I don’t like it, etc. Then I saw the disposable kind at my walgreens and thought I would give them a try. I LOVE Them! I wish they sold the non disposable kind as well.

    I do not have any issues with leakage (but then again my flow is not light but it is not a HEAVY flow). I leave these in for the full 12 hours without incident. I had not even had the slight leak while urinating 🙂 I have not tried having sex with this in yet but I have had sex with a sponge in so I am assuming it will feel the same.

    The only issue that I have had is the removal. I have a tilted cervix (always fun times at pap smear time) which makes it difficult to remove. I cannot hook my finger on it. I have figured out that I need to use 2 fingers for removal. I still pull it out level which helps with spillage but yes removal for me is messy. It is NOT a big deal though because I normally change it at home before bed.

    I think I will try a washable cup soon.

  • I have been using the disposable softcup for 2 cycles now. I really like it and don’t have a leaking problem. People who are having leaks might be ‘bearing down’ at some point which does cause a leak, however, this strategy can also be used strategically to empty the cup without actually needing to remove it.
    My one problem is the firmness of the ring. No matter how far back I put it, I always end up with a cramp-like pain just above the pelvic bone. I know it is from the cup and I think it’s because the ring is so sturdy, I wish it was made of something a tiny bit more flexible or comfortable.
    I plan to keep trying it for a few times to see if maybe I need to build up the wall (kind of like a vagina callus?) to bear the force against it?
    Is the ring in the disposable any different? I can see from the video the cup part is, but my main issue is with the ring itself.

    • I have been using disposable soft cup for 3 cycles now and I have the same problem with the crampy pain. The ring also makes it somewhat difficult for me to urinate, I actually have to “bear down” significantly throughout urination to empty my bladder. I think the ring may be too wide for me and is pressing on my urethra. I wish it came in two diameters like most bell-shaped cups. I don’t want to build up a vaginal callus 🙂
      I really like the cup, but I agree that it is extremely messy when removing. I have a heavy flow on the first two days and it works beautifully so far, only “leaking” when I have to bear down to urinate.

  • I need help. I cannot insert these properly. I have used tampons for years and I cannot get these in properly. I keep leaking. What am I doing wrong.

    • i personally found that i have to insert in a completely diffrent manner then reccomended to get it in in a way that works for my body. the way i do it i actually have to almost unfold it in my body. its hard to explain, but i think i found it in a vid or something online back when i was still on my first box of them years ago, then modifiedthe technic till it worked for me.

  • I am trying the soft cups for the first time today and I must say that I like them so far. I have had the one in since about noon (it’s almost 5pm) and I have not had a problem yet. I am also very skeptical about the having sex thing but I will not be shy to try ( I had a planned dinner day with some extra activities this weeks and got an unexpected surprise this morning, as I haven’t gotten my menstrual in YEARS but it picked this coming weekend. I want to continue using them for more results

  • be careful of the “One Size Fits MOST” label. i’m not a fan of vaginal penetration so i can’t say for sure, but apparently i have a small vagina because the Softcup always felt slightly too big for me. even when inserted properly, it feels like a slight bruise against my pelvic bone area and gives me the sensation of very light cramps, constantly, until i take it out. but i like the idea & hated insertion less than i thought i would (tampons are the worst for me), so i’ll probably try a Divacup instead.

  • I have mixed feelings about the softcup. I don’t have heavy periods, but I still leak on my “heavier” days while using the disposable ones. I can also feel the softcup and have slight cramping occasionally. I have a long distance boyfriend, so I love the concept that one can have mess-free sex with these, but unless I can fix the leaking/comfort issue, I won’t be able to use these. I have no issue with removing or cleaning though… I will stick with Naturecare organic tampons and pads until I can find another comfortable & effective method for me.

  • I tried the Diva cup for 3 cycles. Each time it turned sideways. I did some research and it’s because I have an inverted uterus. I purchased the soft cups today and I’m giving it a go! The shape is completely different than the Diva cup. I think the soft cup is a much better shape for my inverted uterus. I’ll check back after a day of full use to see if I had any leaking or problems. So far I can’t feel it at all.

  • I just tried one today and it was extremely painful to put in. It might have been just me though. I took it out after a couple of seconds and it was even more painful to take out than put in. Everytime I move now I am in pain and I can still feel it inside me like my vagina is freaking out like wtf was that? Lol. It’s weird and I am afraid to try again. I never had a problem with tampons. I am a virgin does that have something to do with it?

  • back when these things first came out, they were made of the material that they now use in the ‘reusable’ I KNEW I should have hoarded those boxes!

  • I was a bit skeptical about these at first but after trying them I love them! So convenient to use, and i love being able to have mess-free sex while using them. I don’t think I’ll go back to using pads/tampons again.

  • Long-time tampon user! I just switched to the Softtcup a month ago and I love it. It’s virtually fuss free and I don’t have to worry about standing up all day at work and how long til the next change.
    The part I don’t really care for is the removal. It’s tricky and the first time it felt like I was reaching into the center of the earth with no luck. I did manage to “draw” it out after about 5 minutes and was pleased that it didn’t spill (much).
    Will be sticking to this from now on while I work on my Divacup insertion. (I still haven’t mastered it despite having it for nearly a year)

  • I am now on my third month of using the Softcup. I absolutely love them. I have always been an extremely heavy bleeder and not having to insert and remove tampons and use pads at the same time to the tune of ten to twelve of each per day (on a good day) has been wondrous. I use the reusable ones (and a panty liner on my heavy days).
    For those of you having issues getting it out; I did too the first monthly. I finally did a kegel in frustration and voilà, it loosened its seal enough for me to remove. Fair warning; it’s messy when you do that but oh so much easier to get out.
    I have had happy times with the hubs and while it wasn’t bothersome while getting busy, it did take a little more work and extra kegels to get it out. I think I had tensed without realizing it, but can’t swear to that.

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  • This is an older post, but as some of the comments are pretty recent, I’m hoping somebody will still keep up and respond.

    This is my second cycle trying to use SoftCup, and I’m just not getting the hang of insertion. I get “down and back”, and I push as down and as back as I can, but no matter what I do, I leak. Like, leaked all over the white sheets last night. Like, leaked in my jeans at a cub scout campout last cycle.

    Does anyone have any suggestions that are not “down and back”? Every video and tutorial all say the same thing, and I know I’m doing something wrong, I just don’t know what it is!

    Thanks in advance, everyone!

  • Laura, I’m on my first cycle with the softcup. It was pretty easy for me and I’m still wondering if I will leak or not since I consider myself a heavy bleeder. Normally I would switch out a tampon after 4 to 5 hours so I checked at the usual time out of curiosity and there wasn’t very much in there…. anyway, about your problem my only suggestion is to make sure it’s not upside down… push it as far back as possible at a slight downward angle, then you won’t feel it and for me I can tell when the softcup is in place because it fits in place against my pubic bone. When using tampons I never even noticed that part of my anatomy. I find that I have to adjust after going to the bathroom.

  • I’ve been reusing the same one throughout this entire cycle. I rinse it out a couple times a day. It’s been holding up very well!
    For those concerned about the ick factor… when using the restroom, bear down like you’re constipated, but focus on your kegel (sp) muscles. That will empty most of the cup.

  • I started researching cups before I got pregnant with my third child. I got to use the soft cup for a few cycles before I got the lovely positive. Now he is here and that monthly joy has started again. So I went out and bought another pack to start using again. From my past experience, I bleed way to heavy on the second and third day to use these and not leak within two hours. Even a tampon will leak after an hour. Other than that I have no issues with leaks. Tried sex once with it and it was uncomfortable at first for me, he never felt it. I did need to readjust afterwards though. In regards to putting it in, I found I need to angle just slightly up (not as much as a tampon)and pressing above my pubic bone to get it in a comfortable spot that doesn’t leak. Taking it out I haven’t mastered without looking like a murder scene but reading the comments I think I will try the disposable gloves. I want to try one of the long term reusable cups but after having three kids I don’t know how well it will fit and I don’t want to spend a lot of money finding one that fits right.

    • I want to add. I do reuse the same one for most of my cycle until it stops holding the circle shape.

  • I was excited to try this and it went in easily, like a tampon. I was happy because it was as if I wasn’t even on my period. Comfortable, couldn’t even feel it. Then it was time to remove it…the nightmare began. This was the hardest thing I’ve ever done to my vagina. Much like giving birth. Just awful! I would not recommend this for anyone until they perfect how to remove it easier. Uncomfortable and took over an hour. It suction cups to your cervix which is painful when you are trying to pull out it. You have to insert another finger (or thumb) in to let air in so it releases. And remember, it’s not right up front in the opening, it’s behind your pelvic bone in place. I will never use it again. Terrible. I seriously thought I was going to have to go to the doctor. Thank God it’s out.

  • I like the reusable Softcups, as I hate having to use tampons, especially on very light days. However, the first couple of days look like a slaughterhouse in my toilet. And all over my hands. Even if I keep the cup level, somehow I end up with blood dripping all over my hand.

    And I always have to wear a backup pad. I know I’m inserting them correctly, so I don’t know exactly what the issue is. I had sex with it in, and that seemed to mostly keep things clean.

    • It may be a size issue. I know that many women use and love the Softcups. I find that they just don’t fit me well enough to consider them reliable. If you haven’t, you might try a silicone style cup. They are worn, and fit, a bit differently.

    • It could be how you were sitting on the toilet.
      Im guessing this is why the hard cups ( diva, etc) are all shaped the way they are to prevent this.
      But an ways, if your arching your back in that hover position, you can move/shift your vagina in such a way that the cup in the back pushes up and as a result the front pushes down and away from your pelvic bone creating a space for the blood to flow through, I personally always empty the cup this way before I remove It.
      If you sit on the rim of the tub/toilet and you sit back a little ( think a reclining chair) and remove it you will find you outcome to be very different.

  • So I bought these for helping to get pregnant but they came after I ovulated. So I decided to try them for my period. Well at first I was like awesome you can’t feel it really and it was working fine. Till I sneezed that is!! Felt like I pee’d myself and look down with blood running down both legs all the way to my ankles!! Not kidding. Okay I thought I can’t sneeze with these things in. I decided to give it another try. They say you can wear them up to 12 hours well at 9 hours mine was FULL and starting leaking. But yet again I thought I’ll try to wear to bed. When I woke up and went to remove it was like a scary movie lol and way gross. So as comfortable as they are they still need some fine tuning. I will use them for the pregnancy thing instead btw I purchased preseed to go with the whole baby making thing. They say lube the cup up too and use the preseed b4 sex insert as close to cervix and when he is done stay lying still and insert cup, hopefully you are going to bed so you aren’t getting up. Some of us just need a little help with keeping some if those swimmers in there!! Hope that helped you guys out.

    • I’ve heard of other people who have used these when trying to conceive. I love that people find another use for these.

      Oh man at the leaking when using for your cycle though! Yikes. Personally I prefer silicone bell-shaped menstrual cups. They are so comfortable and work best for me. If you haven’t tried one, you may prefer it. They are much smaller and should definitely not leak that badly with a sneeze. Many women do like the Softcups though, so it’s definitely all in what works for you.

  • I have tried softcup and i have to say, DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT! unless of course you like period Meas all over your hands, in which case, go for it. This is the most disgusting and messy product ever.

  • I’m using these for the first time, and am having trouble with leakage. I thought maybe I am not inserting properly, but have been trying different methods. I think I have stumbled on a possible reason. Though I push the cup back as far as I can and push it up behind my pelvic bone as best I can, it quickly displaces. If I have a bowel movement I can almost push it out entirely. I am a little over weight and I am wondering if that could be part of the issue. Either that or I am smaller than the normal woman and it just doesn’t fit. Do these come in different sizes?

  • This is my new favorite product. I’ve been researching soft cups for approximately 6 months now, after my period ruined my exotic vacation to Jamaica. I was hell bent on finding a product that can be used during a period. Needless to say my husband doesn’t run “red lights”, so this was ideal. I finally used it for the first time last night and didn’t tell hubby about it. He wasn’t able to detect it and sex was just as comfortable and enjoyable as any other day. I’m going to tell everyone about this. You can’t loose – it’s cost effective, Eco friendly, comfortable and easy to use. What more can a girl ask for?

  • Hi everyone i am in my 40’s and jus started using soft cups and love them no more nights of leaking with tampons and pads i have found that if you relax when taking it out it’s alot easier to remove if you are having problems removing it is probably because you are tencing up when we menustrate our vagina swells up so relax and it will be easier to remove☺

  • Just tried these for the first time last night and oh man, I love the idea! I just wasn’t able to get it in far enough (I think) and it made sex painful for my husband.
    I have IC (Intercystacial Cystitis) and during a flare up I could see how this would be uncomfortable. I will be trying to stretch my pelvic floor muscles before inserting it next time.. Using it for a fiable cervix and ablation failure, not really for periods right now. Hope it works out!

  • I started useing Softcup a couple of months ago and have nothing but positive reviews. Aside from the convenience, health and eco friendly benefits, I noticed my cramps were reduced as well. When I used tampons, I had mind-numbing cramps. I don’t take pain medication and when I was on my period using tampons, I’d have to take Aleve or Ibuprofin to get through the day. With Softcup, I haven’t had to. I wonder if it’s something to do with allowing blood to flow into the cup, as opposed to having it absorbed into fibers and sitting in your body. Just a thought.

    I bought the disposable ones the first time and reused them several times during one period. Just another thought!

  • They’re great when inserted properly, however they feel too big to me. If you are young, very active or otherwise know that you have a very narrow or tight vagina you may experience slight discomfort (it’s basically just a feeling of pressure) as I do. I will not be buying them again as I have been wanting a reusable for a very long time anyways as well the feeling of internal pressure I have experienced with this brand.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. I would tend to agree with this. I found removal to be uncomfortable for me, and actually a bit painful once. I think that could be eliminated with more practice, but I’m definitely a fan of reusables (silicone, etc.).

  • I’ve had sex with a soft cup inserted. The first time I was nervous so I lied and told my partner I had birth control inserted so go easy. He never even noticed it, it was as if I never had it in. The second time I didn’t mention it. Wouldn’t recommend using it if you have a heavy flow. It leaks when you take it out.

  • Do not use if u have a tilted uterus! It went in great and worked great for a few hours but When it was time for it to come out about 9 hours later. It was a disaster. I read the instructions I looked at the diagram. I’m a fairly smart woman but it was suctioned so tight it would not freaking bulge. 45 minutes later I have to go to the emergency room and have a doctor use his hand to get it he could not even use forceps because I was bleeding so much for my menstrual cycle where the cup was leaking obviously it was not a good time. This is a great concept and I understand it but it does not just always pop out when you use your fingernail you have to freaking find the thing and use the jaws of life to get it out beware!

    • I actually have a tilted uterus, and have used these for more than 15 years. I found that tampons never stayed in place, leaked, and became very uncomfortable within about two hours. Softcups never seem to slip for me, are easy to remove if you bear down enough to hook your finger under the rim, and only leak tiny bits rarely, about like tampons do. They do sit on my bladder a bit, and sometimes make cramping a little worse. I really only need them the first two days, though.

  • Tried it with excitement but couldn’t make it work. Leaky, wouldn’t stay inside, left huge gap, way too big or I put it in very wrong…

    • The Softcup is definitely not for everyone. I’m personally a fan of the ‘bell’ shaped cups myself. I prefer the shape and the softer silicone for fit.

  • Can anyone give any insight to these to me? I have been trying for two months to use these to no avail. What I mean is I am completely failing the first two days of a heavy period with them. I can not even go 30 minutes without it leaking. I do have a really heavy period and a very small V and earlier when I took it out I noticed it was still in the inserted, pinched position. Any ideas?

  • I love the softcup. In public restrooms, i just
    Bear down like iI’m pushing out a baby to tilt the cup and push my blood out. Once I relax the cup goes back in to place. At home I actually remove, rinse and reinsert. I use the
    Disposable ones. One per cycle. Same pack I’ve had for a year now.

  • Hello I recently came across this product going through ads on fb. So of course I did some research on this produced t to see how the softcup worked and read reveiws. Well I knew I would be starting starting soon so that night I picked a box up. I must say I love the softcup. Easy to insert and remove. I am not running to bathroom. Every 2-3 hours changing a tampon or pad, and I have an extremely heavy cycle, I also work retail and I can’t be running to bath all day. I normally go through two boxes of tampons but I think that problem has been remedied. I am glad I came across these the other day. I highly recommend this product. Oh the best part is you cant even tell you have it in like you would a tampon or a pad. Love it..

  • I am looking into getting a menstrual cup like the diva cup but I thought I would first try the softcup before I invested more money. I did have some cramping the first day I used it but I really liked not being able to feel it. My only problem was that I had some leakage when I have a bowl movement. I could feel the softcup shift and I have tried to reposition it but still there is leakage. Is this the same with the other cups like the diva cup? I am a teacher who most days can only make it to the bathroom at the beginning and end of the school day, so I cannot have any leaks!

  • I have used soft cups for years. I had always used tampons but they were always uncomfortable due to the fact that I have a tilted uterus. The soft cup is so comfortable that you can’t even feel it which is amazing since I have always had difficulties with tampons. Another plus is that you can have sex with it in. My boyfriend has said he has felt it a couple times throughout the years but said it never bothered him. I recommend soft cup to all my friends. Love this product!

  • Did NOT work for me. After reading the intructiong “fold, insert, tuck behind pubic bone yada yada yada, it still would not stay in place and kept coming out. They should think about making the rim a bit smaller.

  • I have used the Instead soft cup for years and love it. Once you get a feel for the correct insertion, it just slips in and tucks behind the pelvic bone. I can empty it just by pushing it out with my muscles, letting it drain and using one finger to pop it back under the pelvic bone. There are occassions when it leaks, just like a tampon, too heavy a flow, pushed out of place etc. Some days a tampon makes more sense for me. Very helpful on light days, so comfortable… give it a try- relax and get the feel for the correct placement.

  • I tried to reply to someone else. I have the issue that I insert it like it says to but when I sit to pee or have a bowel movement I can push the cup completely out of me. What am I doing wrong?

  • I’ve used the softcup / instead cup on and off for years. When I first tried it, it took some practice to figure out how to insert. Also I ran into the fact that it leaks when I pee or poop (which is the same phenomenon as when people are saying “bear down” to empty part of it without taking it out).

    But then after thinking about it I realized, logically: if it only leaks when I’m already sitting on the toilet, that’s really not a problem, right? Because that’s when I want to empty it, anyways! And that’s the moment when I’ve got toilet paper or wet wipes or a bidet easily at hand. (Ah, wouldn’t life in the USA be cleaner if we all had bidets!)

    I have had leaks when I leave it in too long (as with any menstrual product); and it leaks and feels weird if not inserted all the way in; I think that either getting older – or having more practice using it – makes it easier.

    ALSO once I started re-using 1 (disposable) cup for my whole cycle I discovered that the ring gets more malleable after the first day, which makes it easier to insert properly, and easier to take out. I use two hands to insert and take out the first day (one hand to hold it ‘folded’ and the other to push or pull it in or out). But after day one I can do it with just one hand.

    I do think that if they had the softcup in two or three sizes, with options for smaller diameter, it would fit more women. I can’t see how one size fits all, for ANY product! They do make the height of the ring shorter now than when I first tried them years ago, apparently in response to customer feedback, so maybe sending them an email to ask for different diameters will help bring about multiple sizes.

    There is mess on heavy days, and bearing down to partially empty it first makes it easier to take out without getting too much blood on my hands. There is blood on my hands for both heavy and moderate flow days when I take it out. I can take it out pretty cleanly on light or spotty days. I’m not squeamish about blood and I mostly do this in the privacy of my own home or in public toilets that are just one toilet in a room with the sink in the same room.

    For the mess, I like the idea somewhere above, to use a latex glove to take it out, then turn the glove inside out over the cup. I’m going to try that. But also, in a public restroom, it’s not any more trouble to carry little wet hand wipes in my purse or pocket than it was to carry pads or tampons around. And you can stick the hand wipes in the trash, like you would with pads, so they don’t clog up the plumbing.

    One thing I found when inserting it – it stays in better and doesn’t leak if I get it all the way in properly. After some practice, I found a method that works for me: insert the cup, touch my cervix make sure the the cervix is “inside” the ring, if you know what I mean, then bend over (while sitting on the toilet, I bring my face close to my knees) and do a Kegel, and the cup “sits” in place better. If it’s in right, I can go between 3 and 10 hours without needing to do anything to it. (3 on my ‘heavy’ day; 6-10 on every other day).

    I do put a pad or liner in my underwear every day of menstruation, just in case, but I always did that with tampons, too. I’m wondering about investing in thinx…

  • p.s. if I have any kind of constipation, then trying to have a bowel movement means I need to take the softcup out (or it’ll come halfway out on its own). I’m liking the latex glove idea for this kind of situation, too…

  • p.p.s. I like the economy of not having to buy pads or tampons every month – my ‘just in case’ pads and liners need to be changed much less frequently than when using just pads.

  • I began using the disposable Soft Cut with this cycle (wanted to try it out before purchasing a reusable product) and I am mostly pleased with my results. It is slightly messy when dealing with removal (bloody finger, etc), so I purchased a box of disposable latex gloves to remedy that issue. The only other issue that I have is that, on my heavier days, it definitely DOES NOT last 12 hours (I know the box says UP TO 12 hours), probably more along the lines of 3-5. That is absolutely better than a tampon, which I normally have to change at least every 1-2 hours on the worst days. Overall, I am pleased with this product and will definitely continue to use it.

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  • I got a box of the throw away softcups because I wanted to be intimate with my bf for his birthday but Aunt Flo decided to stop me at that point in time. So I ran out to Walgreens; nothing, Rite Aid; nothing, and the last corner store CVS; nothing! I started freaking out and had to come home to do some research; I was flabbergasted Walmart saved me! I picked up the only box on the shelf and thank God it was a 14ct.

    So I went through two of those cause it was my first time. I inserted the first one over the toilet, which I found out later didn’t have much successes. And let me tell you when I took it out it was like a horror show in the toilet! I’m not squeamish in the least bit but it was interesting to see the cup held a good portion of blood for the first two hours and it wasn’t full yet.

    So I took a shower, threw that one away and put a second softcup in after having washed downstairs. That one seems to be holding up better with no leaking what-so-ever. I have fallen in love with softcups, I may never use a tampon again unless its an extreme emergency.

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  • (I realize this is late but I can’t help myself here.)
    Sigh… You either misunderstood ALL the other posts or simply didn’t bother reading them through.
    They aren’t talking about using softcup for birth control.
    They are saying that they are using it to help conceive. They first have sex without the softcup inside. Then after sex, they put in the softcup to trap the sperm against the cervix.
    Many fertility doctors recommend using softcup this way.

    It helps to actually read the other comments and make sure you understand them first, before you attempt to be patronizing and smart. lol.

    Have a nice day 🙂

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  • My experience with these have been mixed, but I haven’t tried the reusable version (didn’t know they had one in the Softcup). Removal is very messy compared to a silicone cup, and they seem so much more uncomfortable than a regular cup. Maybe I’m just really small or something, but I can’t imagine having sex with a disposable Softcup in me without injuring him.

    I think they are just way too big for me. I hate the rigid rim on these. They have given me cramps while using them.
    I’m just glad I didn’t give up on cups completely because of these, because I have recently fallen in love with a silicone menstrual cup I’ve found on Amazon. It is so much more comfortable and easier to deal with than these. I will admit, however, that inserting a Softcup is easier than a silicone cup, but not enough to make me want to switch.

    I really can’t see myself changing these in a public bathroom, since they are very messy to remove.

    I would definitely prefer using these to tampons, however. In order for tampons to last more than an hour for me, I have to use Super tampons, which makes me paranoid about TSS. The Softcups also seem to last a bit more than tampons for me, but I always have a backup liner just in case.

    I will be hanging onto these, in case something should happen to my silicone cup.
    I think these are just too big for me, and I am prone to cramps.

  • Hate this product. I don’t like having to stick finger(s) in my mess to insert with no idea how to know if it’s in right. I didn’t feel it though, so figured it was good. Then 10 minutes later I was aching. Scary how hard it was to get out. I’ve had 7 kids pass through there, but don’t think it’s comfortable or fun to have to get ahold of it and wrestle it out. Hours later and still sore.

  • I am just starting to use the soft cup disposable. It is working really well except for when I use the restroom it leaks. Is that normal ?

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  • I’ve used softcups for a while now and I love them! When inserting make sure it’s around your cervix! You can do this by giving a little tug after insertion, it shouldn’t really move (when removing pull down!). The other thing I loved about the softcup is that you don’t need to insert your fingers to empty it. Just squeeze your pelvic floor muscles. I personally have used one disposable softcup for 3 menstrual cycles straight! At the twelve hour mark just take out and rinse! Wash with soap and water after your period and wash again before reinsertion. That being said, I have had a few leaks. Mostly due to sneezing or laughing(squeezing the pelvic floor muscles). This is a great first-timer cup, great for teens! This period I’m trying the femmy cycle for the first time (because the softcups still need to be tossed after a while), wish me luck!

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